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Foglight Evolve 6.0.0 - Foglight for Cloud Migration User Guide

Using Foglight for Cloud Migration

Using Foglight for Cloud Migration

Foglight® for Cloud Migration supports Cloud Model for any cloud. It finds the best target cloud tiers for the virtual machines you selected, and adds the virtual machines to migration plan. After configured monitored Rapid Recovery core server and with an available Azure account, Foglight for Cloud Migration helps you to migrate the selected VMware virtual machines to Azure cloud.

This section introduces you to the Foglight for Cloud Migration environment, and provides you with essential information.

For more information, see the following topics:

Installation requirements

Foglight for Cloud Migration comes installed on Foglight Evolve and can be installed on a Foglight Management Server.

Foglight for Cloud Migration requires the following cartridges for data collection:

While Foglight Evolve comes with these cartridges pre-installed and enabled, a stand-alone Foglight release requires that these components be installed on the Foglight Management Server. For more information about installing Foglight for Cloud Migration, and for details about system requirements and version compatibility, see the Foglight Cloud Migration Release Notes.

Dashboard location and UI elements

After installing Foglight for Cloud Migration, the Cloud Migration dashboard appears in the Foglight Management Server.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Cloud Migration.
The Cloud Migration dashboard opens.
Figure 1. Cloud Migration dashboard

The Cloud Migration dashboard consists of the following UI elements:

Group selector

The Group selector is located at the top of the dashboard and allows you to select the virtual environment that you want to monitor.

Figure 2. Group Selector

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