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Enterprise Reporter 3.5.1 - Configuration Manager User Guide

Product Overview Configuring the Configuration Manager
Starting the Configuration Manager Finding answers and getting help Overview of Enterprise Reporter Communications and Credentials Required Using the Credential Manager Setting Up Your First Collection Computers (Nodes) Modifying Your Deployment Configuring Global Settings Customizing the Configuration Manager View
Understanding Discoveries Creating Discoveries
Step 1. Create the Discovery (Name) Step 2. Choose what to include in your discovery (Scopes) Step 2a. Choose scopes for your on-premises discoveries
Choosing your Active Directory Scopes Choosing your Computer Scopes Choosing Your Exchange Scopes Choosing Your File Storage Analysis Scopes Choosing Your Microsoft SQL Scopes Choosing Your NTFS Scopes Choosing Your Registry Scopes
Step 2b: Choose scopes for your cloud discoveries Step 3. Schedule your Discovery Step 4: Review the summary
Managing Discoveries Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter Appendix: PowerShell cmdlets Appendix: Encryption Key Manager Appendix: Log Viewer

Enabling a Node

Occasionally, a node may go offline and must be enabled. Or, you may have chosen to create the node without enabling it. To be used for discoveries, a node must be enabled.

In the bottom pane, select the Discovery Nodes tab and select the node.
Click Enable Node.

Starting a Node

When you start a node, it is immediately enabled, and available for processing discoveries.

In the bottom pane, select the Discovery Nodes tab and select the stopped node.
Click Start Node.
In the confirmation dialog box, optionally select Specify an alternate credential for removing the Node, select an account, and type a password.
Click Yes to confirm that the node should be started.

What does the status of a node or cluster indicate?

As you deploy, enable, and disable nodes and clusters, the Configuration Manager gives you feedback. This feedback is visible in the Status column of the Manage Discovery Clusters pane. By default, clusters and nodes are grouped and sorted by Status.

The following table outlines each status of a cluster:


The cluster is disabled and no new jobs will be processed. Any jobs currently running when the node was disabled will continue to process until they either complete or are canceled by the user.


The cluster has at least one enabled node and is available to process jobs.

The following table outlines each status of a node:


The node is currently being installed on the node computer.

Deployment Failed

The node could not be successfully deployed. For information on troubleshooting, see Node Issues .


The node is online and available to process jobs.


The node is disabled and no new jobs will be processed. If you attempt to disable a node while it is actively processing a task, you will be prompted to either cancel it or wait to disable the node until the task has completed.

Failed to Start

The node is still stopped, as the server was unable to start it.

Failed to Stop

The node is still running, as the server was unable to stop it. It will not accept new tasks from the server.


The nodes regularly communicate with the server to confirm their health. A faulted node has not had contact within an acceptable time frame.

Incompatible Version

The node is not the same version of the software as the Enterprise Reporter server to which it is connecting.


The node service is currently being configured, and required components are being downloaded to the node.

Removal Failed

The node service could not be deployed (or undeployed) successfully from the node computer.


The node service is in the process of starting up.


The node service has been stopped. It is unavailable to process jobs until it is restarted.


The node service is in the process of stopping.


The node service is currently being uninstalled from the node computer.


The node is currently being upgraded on the node computer.

Configuring Global Settings

There are several global settings on the Configuration page that you can manage for Enterprise Reporter.

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