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Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.2 - Release Notes

Quest® Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.2

Quest® Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.2

These release notes provide information about this Quest® Unified Communications Analytics release.

About Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.2

UC Analytics was rebranded to Quest and the installation path changed to Quest as of release 8.4.1. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 8.4.1, the UC Analytics program files and binaries are installed in the Quest directory but your storage folder is not changed from its previous location.

Before you install or upgrade UC Analytics, disable any anti-virus software that is running against your storage folder. The anti-virus software locks files in the storage folder, causing issues when the installer attempts to upgrade your stored data or during normal operation, when your configured data collections attempt to update the stored data. You should exclude the storage folder from anti-virus scans.

Upgrading from versions 8.1 or later

If you are upgrading from versions 8.1 or later, perform an in-place upgrade to ensure you maintain your collected data. Do not uninstall the previous version. If you uninstall the previous version, you will lose all the collected data.

During upgrade, program files and other binaries are moved to a Quest\UC Analytics folder. However, the storage directory is not moved and remains in the same directory as before upgrade.

Automatic upgrade of custom settings in configuration files

When upgrading to earlier releases of UC Analytics, you either had to manually reapply custom changes to .config files (upgrades from 8.4) or you had copy custom configuration files from a backup directory after upgrade (upgrades from 8.5).

Now, If you have a configuration file with custom settings, (such as job status interval time in the UC.Analytics.Insights.DataEngine.DataCollector.dll.config file), the existing configuration files are automatically copied to a backup folder located at Quest\UC Analytics\Backup Config Files.

When UC Analytics finds backup files in the Backup Config Files folder, it automatically reads the custom values and automatically updates the custom settings in the following configuration files:

If upgrading from 8.4 or an older version:

When upgrading from 8.4.1 or a newer version:

If you previously configured the backup and restore scripts provided in UC Analytics, you should review the script configuration after upgrade to ensure that the correct paths are specified. As of version 8.4.1, UC Analytics was rebranded to Quest. During upgrade from a version earlier than 8.4.1, the UC Analytics program files and binaries are moved to the Quest installation path but the storage directory is still at the same location as before upgrade.

If you have created a Windows scheduled task to automatically back up the storage directory, verify the following parameters:

For details about configuring backup and restore batch files, see Appendix E in the UC Analytics Deployment Guide.

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