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Toad for SQL Server 8.0 - Release Notes

Toad for SQL Server 8.0

Toad for SQL Server 8.0

Release Notes

Thursday, February 1, 2024


About Toad for SQL Server

With Toad, developers and database administrators can use a familiar, proven tool to manage databases. Toad empowers developers and administrators, of varying skill levels, to rapidly create and execute queries, automate database object management, and develop SQL more efficiently.

Toad also provides utilities to compare, extract and search for objects, manage projects, import/export data and administer the database, while increasing your productivity and delivering access to an active user community.

System Requirements

Client Requirements

Before installing Toad, ensure that your client system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

Requirement Details


2 GHz processor (recommended minimum)


8 GB of RAM minimum, 16 GB recommended

Note: The memory required may vary based on the following:

  • Applications that are running on your system when using Toad
  • Size and complexity of the database
  • Amount of database activity
  • Number of concurrent users accessing the database

Hard Disk Space

800 MB to install Toad

104 MB to run Toad

Note: The disk space required may vary based on the edition of Toad selected for installation.

Operating System

Windows Server® 2022

Windows Server® 2012

Windows Server® 2012 R2

Windows Server® 2016

Windows Server® 2019

Windows® 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Windows® 10

Windows® 11

Deprecated Version of Windows

Toad for SQL customer support will not be available for the following operating systems as Microsoft has stopped providing support for these platforms.

  • Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
.NET Framework

Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.7.2

Additional Requirements

Web Browser

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11 or later


Recommended maximum DPI settings for Toad are 125%. It is possible to use Toad up to 200% but some dialog windows will not be completely usable anymore.

Maximum tested resolution for Toad is 1920 x 1080 px.

Copy/Move Database Wizard

The SQL Server Backward Compatibility package is required to use the Copy/Move Database wizard.

Log Reader

The Log Reader requires version 8.0 DLL files in the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package. If these files do not exist on the client, you will need to install them to use some functionality in the Log Reader.

Server Requirements

Before installing Toad, ensure that your server meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

Requirement Details

Database Server

SQL Server 2022

SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 Express

SQL Server 2014 Enterprise and SQL Server 2014 Express

SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 2019


  • SQL Server Compact Edition is not supported.
  • Storage Management is not available on SQL Server Express.

Note: To use Access 2016 64-bit to connect to an Access database in Toad, the Microsoft Access Database Engine is required and might not be included in the Access installation. The engine must match the architecture (bitness) of Toad.

Deprecated Version of Database Server

Toad for SQL customer support will not be available for the following Database Server as Microsoft has stopped providing support for these platforms.

  • SQL Server 6.0
  • SQL Server 6.5
  • SQL Server 7.0
  • SQL Server 2000
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
Cloud Database Service

SQL Azure and Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Note:  To be able to utilize a majority of Toad functionality, please grant VIEW DEFINITION on the SQL Azure databases you want to work with.

Virtualization Support

Requirement Details
Application Virtualization

When deploying Toad in a virtualization environment, for best results ensure the system accurately reflects the applicable client hardware and software requirements listed in this document.

Toad has been developed using Microsoft guidelines (see Remote Desktop Services programming guidelines) and can be deployed and operated in virtualization environments such as Citrix XenApp, Microsoft App-V, and VirtualBox.

Install Toad on Citrix® Systems

User Requirements

User Requirements to Install Toad

Only Windows Administrators and Power Users can install Toad.

If an Administrator installs Toad, the Administrator can share the Toad shortcut icon on the desktop and menu items with any user—a Power User, Restricted User—on the computer.

If a Power User installs Toad, a Restricted User cannot do the following:

  • Associate file extensions.
  • View the Toad shortcut icon on the desktop or the Toad menu options in the Windows Start menu. As a workaround, Restricted Users can create a shortcut to Toad from the install directory and place the shortcut on their desktop.

User Requirements and Restrictions for Running Toad

The following describes the requirements and restrictions for users who launch and run Toad:

  • To create or modify the QuestSoftware.ToadSecurity table to enable Toad Security, the user who maintains this table must have privileges to create, insert, update, and delete it. All other users need only the ability to read the QuestSoftware.ToadSecurity table to use Toad Security features.

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

New Features or Enhancements

Enhancement ID Resolved Issues

Data compare now provides users with the below extended filter capabilities:

  • Save, Import and Export of filter conditions

  • Filter by row count

  • Filter by value

TSS-1991 Toad for SQL Server's application user interface, including UI elements, will by default be displayed in dark mode, more precisely in DevExpress Dark Style.
TSS-1989 Users now have the option to close all existing connections on the targeted database when performing the Restore Database operation.
TSS-1984 The Code Completion window now opens at the upper side when the cursor is at the bottom of the screen.

Alias Length: Select the appropriate alias length control option (this option is available only when the "Find upper case characters" option is selected):

  • Dynamic (Default): Dynamically creates alias based on the number of uppercase characters in an object name. Counter control is not applicable for this option.

  • Fixed: Creates alias based on the number of uppercase characters in an object name and appends digits to fulfill specified alias length. Choose the minimum length of the auto generated alias using the Counter control option.


Configure Options:

Show Code Completion on Boolean Field: Select this checkbox to view the code completion suggestions for boolean fields. Clear this checkbox to hide the code completion suggestions for boolean fields.

Default: Selected

TSS-1981 The code completion suggestion pop-up window now also appears on a new line with tabbed spacing.


Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release of Toad for SQL Server:

Resolved Issues in 8.0

Feature Resolved Issues Defect ID
General On the initial startup of the Toad for SQL Server application, the query runtime may take up to five minutes to complete for the first query. TSS-1987
General Toad for SQL Server does not allow comparison between the editor sets in its 7.4 version. TSS-1962
General Users are not able to log in to the SQL Azure database in the Azure environment using Toad For SQL Server when MFA / 2FA is enabled. TSS-1925
General The SQL 2019 option is not available to set the database compatibility level on the database in the Toad for SQL Server application. TSS-1918/ TSS-1692
General When connecting to an SQL Azure database, Toad for SQL Server displays an SQL Server Database Error. This issue is observed when a temp table is included in the SQL statement. TSS-1913
General Toad for SQL Server displays an error when users open the TSM files using Azure SQL Server. TSS-1781





Known Issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.


Known Issue

Defect ID

General After selecting the target databases, the Next option in the Security Migration Wizard is not enabled, preventing users from completing the security migration process using the Security Migration Wizard. TSS-2153
General Toad for SQL Server is not displaying the TIC connections imported using the Import Connection option on the Import Connections Wizard window. TSS-2152
General Toad for SQL Server displays an error while creating an Asymmetric Key and Certificate for an MFA connection. TSS-2143
General Toad for SQL Server displays a subscription error when attempting to create UDDTs and tables in Azure Managed Instance. TSS-2142
General Toad for SQL Server does not support the Server Compare functionality for Azure SQL Database and connections using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). TSS-2140
General The Drop Stored Procedure option is not functioning properly for script options in the master database. This issue has been observed in Object Explorer > Master Database > Programmability > Right-click on any Stored Procedure > Generate SQL > Drop Script. TSS-2135
General The Optimize SQL Statement option is disabled in the editor for the Azure DB connection. TSS-2093
General When users attempt to generate an Azure DBA report using the Generate Detail Report option after completing a schema compare, Toad for SQL Server displays an error. TSS-2092
General Toad for SQL Server is generating an incorrect schema compare report for system data types. TSS-2088
General Toad for SQL Server displays a database error when creating a role as an Azure database user. TSS-2083
General When creating a new database, Toad for SQL Server displays a syntax error in the editor for a valid database script. TSS-2077
General Toad for SQL Server displays an error when users use the TO_Date function in the WHERE clause. TSS-2035
General The Reports Manager displays the database error while generating the table reports of non-indexed tables. TSS-1758
General Toad for SQL Server is not displaying any matching files when searched using the Find and Replace option. TSS-1757
General Toad for SQL Server is not displaying the list of active servers while creating a new database connection. TSS-1756
General The Manage License and Exit Application buttons on the Toad for SQL Server – All Licenses Expired window are not aligned properly. TSS-1755
General Toad for SQL Server gets hanged when users try to start service for a database from Microsoft SQL Server from the Connection Manager pane. TSS -1749
General Users are not able to access the SQL Azure portal URL when navigated from Toad for SQL Server. TSS -1747
General The Certificate field on the Alter Database Encryption – TestDB window is not displaying any option to select while using the Encrypt Database functionality. TSS -1729
General Toad performs the backup operation of the database successfully but the backup file (.bak) is not available at the backup destination provided in the script. TSS -1728
General When users work in the Editor mode, most of the options under the Edit menu are disabled, however, users are able to use those options through keyboard shortcuts. TSS -1726
Drag and Drop Objects Users are unable to edit the default action for any object under the Drag and Drop functionality. TSS -1724
General Users are not able to convert the PLI Application code to SQL code using the code conversion functionality. TSS -1718
SQL Script Generation Toad for SQL Server is not generating the correct SQL script while comparing data from two tables in the same database. This issue is observed when there is a difference in the data of two tables. TSS -1717
General When users delete the duplicate entry from the table, Toad does not commit the delete operation and displays the concurrency violation error. TSS -1716
General Toad for SQL server is facing an issue while opening the SQL Azure portal in a new tab within the application. TSS -1715
Debug and Run Toad for SQL Server displays an error while setting up the Debugger wizard TSS -1711
Execution Plan The Include actual Execution plan option is not working as a toggle button for the Execution plan option when used from the shortcut panel in the Editor window. TSS -1710
General Toad Intelligence Central is not able to fetch results for host name even if users search with the valid host name. TSS -1708
General Toad is displaying an error when users start tracing the activity of the application. TSS -1707
General Toad for SQL Server displays an error when users open the Always On Monitor screen. TSS -1703
Import and Export Users are not able to open the template in the editing mode on Import Wizard. TSS -1701
General If any Select SQL query has more number of rows in its output than the set Fetch Rows Limit, the output displays results only till that Select query. The Fetch Rows Limit is not applied on every output individually. TSS -1698
Statistics Tab in View Details Toad for SQL Server is not displaying the Statistic Log details for any table selected from the object explorer in the Statistics tab. TSS -1697
Startup/Installation If intending to hibernate the machine with the open connections to the servers that might be unavailable at the next startup, it is recommended to disconnect first due to risk of data loss.




Code Completion Code Completion provides limited syntax support of SELECT * INTO clause. ST87112
Connection Manager

Cannot establish Named Pipes connection if "Poll service status in connection list" option is selected.


Clear "Poll service status in connection list" checkbox on the Tools | Options | Database | General page.


You need to install Microsoft Active Directory Authentication Library (adalsql.msi) to connect to Azure SQL Database using Active Directory Password Authentication.

Data For some queries, attempting to right-click a row and select Row Count results in a message stating that the row count could not be determined. N/A
Performance Monitor You may encounter an exception in the Performance Monitor during recording: in the Object explorer expand and collapse a tables list. 930
You may encounter an exception when using the Performance Monitor and Session Browser at the same time. 948
Schema Compare When the Ignore column order option is not selected two tables are incorrectly reported to be equal. 245
The script comparing two databases where one database is empty has execution errors. 271
The script synchronizing two databases that have the same table with different index is incorrect. 834
Debugger You may encounter some issues when debugging remotely. ST82044
Editor Toad may hang after applying Short Format Uppercase Keywords or Short formats to large scripts.


Execution Plan

You cannot generate an estimated execution plan for queries containing local temporary tables because the execution plan uses a different connection to generate the plan and does not know about the temp table.

Use the actual execution plan button to generate execution plans for SQL that contains a temp table.

Export Wizard/ One Click Export

Limitations when exporting fractional seconds:

  • When exporting to an Access Database File, exports do not support fractional seconds, so the additional data is not exported.

  • When exporting to an Excel instance, exports support only 3-digits for fractional seconds. However, if you export to an Excel file, it supports all fractional seconds.


Avoid using Excel for exporting if your data has numeric values that require a high precision because Excel's precision is limited to 15 digits. If you export numbers with more precision, the values are rounded. If you export boundary numbers (max, min), rounded numbers will exceed the data type limit.


Job Manager SQL Azure connections currently display in the Job Manager even though the Job Manager is not available for SQL Azure. ST75721
Log Reader User information only displays for operations in the sessions that are currently open. Backups do not contain this information because only the SPID information is available to them.


SQL Azure connections currently display in the Read Log wizard even though the Log Reader is not available for SQL Azure. ST75720
Object Explorer/ Database Explorer

Table and Index Partitioning:

  • Currently, you cannot create or manage a partition on a table or index that includes a FileStream column.
  • Currently, estimating index compression savings runs a full table compression savings query, so the estimation may be slow on large tables.



FDCC: User cannot start/stop SQL Agent running Toad with Regular or Admin User account on the client side in some limited environments.


Start the SQL Agent on the server side.



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