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Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.6 - Release Notes

Toad DevOps Toolkit Release Notes

Toad® DevOps Toolkit 1.6

Release Notes


These release notes provide information about the Toad DevOps Toolkit release.

About this release

Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.6 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality.


About Toad DevOps Toolkit

Toad DevOps Toolkit exposes key Toad for Oracle functionality (such as Code Analysis and Unit Testing) as programmable objects that can be called from DevOps scripts such as PowerShell or Visual Basic. This enables you to include database-development steps into your Continuous Integration model through tools such as Jenkins or Bamboo. What this all really means is that the deployment of Oracle application and database upgrades is now made much easier, keeping your team more productive and your end users satisfied with their business tools.

Toad DevOps Toolkit is standalone and independent from Toad for Oracle. The only requirement is that a Code Tester for Oracle repository is installed on the same system as Toad DevOps Toolkit. For version requirements, see the System Requirements.

Toad resources

The parent site for all Toad family products is There you will find videos, blogs, and much more.

The home of the Toad DevOps Toolkit community is Keep checking this site as Toad DevOps Toolkit continues to grow and add features to help you increase your productivity.

Two of the most-often used features of Toad World are the Forums and the Idea Pond. Find the Toad DevOps Toolkit Forum at: Find the Toad DevOps Toolkit Idea Pond at:

  • On the Idea Pond page, you can submit your ideas to improve Toad DevOps Toolkit and vote for other ideas. The Toad team takes your suggestions seriously, and you may even hear back from one of our developers on the topic. We encourage all Toad users from new to experienced to let us know how we can improve Toad.
  • On the Forum page, you can ask a question or start a discussion and view all other forums within the Toad community.

The Toad World blog pages feature a broad range of information, including topics of interest to our industry, as well as instructions from team members on how to use the latest Toad features.

System requirements

Hardware requirements




  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GB RAM

Note: The memory required may vary based on the following: 

  • Applications that are running on your system
  • Size and complexity of the database
  • Amount of database activity
  • Number of concurrent users accessing the database

Hard disk space

  • 120 MB
  • 150 MB

Operating system

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 - 2 CPU required
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

Database requirements



Database client

An Oracle client must be installed and configured on the system where you are running Toad DevOps Toolkit. The following are supported:

  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 12c Release 1 and 2
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 18c
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 19c
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 21c

Note: You must use the 32-bit version of Toad DevOps Toolkit with the 32-bit Oracle client, and the 64-bit version of Toad DevOps Toolkit with the 64-bit Oracle client.

Database server

  • 10g Release 2
  • 11g Release 1 and 2
  • 12c Release 1 and 2
  • 18c
  • 19c
  • 21c (Linux and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

Important: It is recommended that your client version be of the same release (or later) as your database server. This is an Oracle recommendation to prevent performance issues.

Cloud database service

Oracle Database as a Service on Amazon EC2 and Oracle Cloud

Additional requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is required to run the Quest Installer, which installs Toad DevOps Toolkit.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Core 3.1 and .NET Core 3.1 are required to run the REST API.
  • If you want to run unit testing for database objects, a Code Tester repository (3.2 or greater) must exist on the system where Toad DevOps Toolkit is being used.

Windows Privileges

In order to run Toad DevOps Toolkit against the database, the following privileges are required:

Operating System


Windows 7

  • Read access to the Oracle client folder
  • Read/write privileges on the Oracle Home directories that you use for your connections

Windows 8 and later

Windows Server 2012 and 2016

  • Read access to the Oracle client folder
  • Read/write privileges on the Oracle Home directories that you use for your connections

New features

Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.6


Toad can now connect to a database without an installed Oracle client using ODAC "Direct mode". To learn about the limitations of this method see ODAC Connection Modes - Client Mode vs Direct Mode" on

Native Support for XMLTYPE data type

Toad can now work with XMLTYPE data type using ODAC without limitations, or workarounds when using Oracle client 12.2 or newer.

Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.5

Oracle Database 21c Support

Existing Toad DevOps Toolkit features work with 21c on Linux and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Note: Oracle Database 21c has not been released for Windows at time of publication.

Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.4

REST API Security

All requests must supply an API token to validate the request. Failure to do so results in an error response status code.

  • Visit https://localhost:5000/ in your browser to generate or later refresh the token's value
    • This step must be performed using a Windows Administrator account
    • If the REST API has been configured to listen on a different port then use the new port in the URL
  • Supply the token with each request by including the X-Api-Key header and using the token as its value

Discontinued features

Licensing Manager. Beginning with Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.2, the Licensing Manager is no longer available. For more information about managing Toad DevOps Toolkit licenses, see the Toad DevOps Toolkit Installation Guide and Toad DevOps Toolkit Help.

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