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SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.5 - Release Notes

Release Notes

SQL Navigator® 7.5

Release Notes

August 2018

These release notes provide information about the SQL Navigator® release.

About SQL Navigator 7.5

Thank you for installing SQL Navigator, the Professional Oracle Development Environment of choice for thousands of developers and corporations worldwide.

SQL Navigator provides an integrated environment for developing and testing stored programs, schemas, SQL scripts, and more - all from an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The SQL Navigator family of products is a complete development environment for Oracle server-side development and management. It has been conceived, designed and developed by Oracle developers and DBAs with hands-on experience in the most common problems facing Oracle developers.

View the latest Release Notes containing late-breaking information and known issues about SQL Navigator.

We trust you will find that SQL Navigator significantly improves your productivity, so that your projects are completed faster with a higher level of quality than ever before.

SQL Navigator 7.5 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality.

New Features

New features in SQL Navigator 7.5:

  • Oracle 18c - Support for 18c Oracle Server and Oracle Client.


See also:

Resolved Issues

Table 1: General resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Resolved ORA Error on Describing a table in DB Explorer. SQLNAV-2243
Resolved 'Error occurred: [28009] (ORA-28009: connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER' on reconnecting to a SYSDBA session. SQLNAV-2221
Resolved a problem where double clicking code in the code editor did not change the lines / characters count. SQLNAV-2218
Resolved problem editing directories in SQL Navigator 7.2. SQLNAV-2213
Resolved Error ORA-01789 raised when trying to list Datafiles in DB Explorer when using an Oracle DB 12.2 database. SQLNAV-2201

Known Issues

Table 2: Known Issues

Feature Known Issue Issue ID
F1 Help

Pre-open F1 help is unresponsive when there is a modal dialog opened in   SQL Navigator.

Workaround: Close the modal dialog and then switch to the help window


Opening links in the help content causes SQL Navigator to be unresponsive when Internet Explorer 9 is installed in the system.

Workaround: Upgrade Internet Explorer to a newer version

Export Data

Export Data containing special characters from data grid to xlsx format   may corrupt the Excel file. This usually happens when binary content is   exported from a BLOB field.

Workaround: Exclude the rows or columns which contain binary data or   special characters when using the Export Data dialog


Table 3: Third Party Known Issues

Feature Known Issue Issue ID


(Affects the 64-bit version of SQL Navigator only)

If Internet Explorer 9 is installed, clicking a link in the Help file may crash SQL Navigator 64-bit, even if Internet Explorer 9 is not the default browser.

Workaround: Users who have Internet Explorer 9 installed can open Help from outside of SQL Navigator.


E-Control (Editor component) Odd word-wrapping behavior in some languages. Word wrapping may appear between symbols, with no space required to wrap, and some characters cannot be word-wrapped at all (for example, multi-byte characters in ANSI text). N/A
ODAC ODAC does not support Unicode in XMLTYPE (editing of XMLTYPE data is not supported). Querying of XMLTYPE with binary storage will lead to an error.  
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