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SharePlex 11.1 - Release Notes

Release Notes

SharePlex® 11.1

Release Notes

Revision: 5/6/2024


About SharePlex

For over two decades, SharePlex has provided high speed database replication for mission critical database environments.

SharePlex supports a wide variety of configurations to meet different and complex data availability needs. A primary class of use cases revolves around database scaling and availability.

  • SharePlex supports reliable Oracle and PostgreSQL high-availability and disaster recovery configurations where replication maintains a duplicate database in a different location that is ready for fast, seamless fail-over and failback in planned or unplanned mode.

  • SharePlex also supports bi-directional, active/active configurations with conflict resolution for PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL and Oracle to Oracle to support horizontal scaling and strategic placement of databases near regional users.

  • SharePlex can support cross platform (Oracle ← → PostgreSQL) bi-directional, active-active replication with conflict resolution to de-risk Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations in complex Oracle environments.

  • SharePlex can improve scaling by offloading Oracle or PostgreSQL reporting workloads.

Another class of use cases involves (generally) cross-platform data movement to support application integration, database interoperability and data lake population. Examples include:

  • PostgreSQL and/or Oracle replication to Snowflake to support data warehouse/data lake pipelines

  • PostgreSQL and/or Oracle replication to Kafka for real-time streaming analytic applications

  • PostgreSQL to Oracle (or) Oracle to PostgreSQL replication to provide interoperability between systems to support database refactoring or migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

You can also use SharePlex to replicate data from Oracle source to maintain a change history database in an Oracle target. Rather than updating or deleting target rows based on the source change, SharePlex inserts a new row on the target for every source change. The result is an archive that reflects the chronological history of every change made to the source database.

SharePlex's value and versatility continue to grow with the requirements and requests of our customers. Although SharePlex is a reliable, relatively low-maintenance solution, our top-rated support team is ready around the clock to help with any trouble you may have. To get you started with your deployment, our professional services team is highly experienced and readily available.

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About this release

In this release, SharePlex supports data replication for the PostgreSQL Database as a Service as source.

Revision History

Document Version Date Change History
2 19th July 2023

Added information regarding the support for the BOOLEAN, TIME, BYTEA, and TIME WITH TIMEZONE data types to the What's New in this Release section.

3 21st July 2023
4 30th August 2023

Updated the Supported target version information for SQL Server database.

5 3rd October 2023
  • Added the BOOLEAN, TIME, and BYTEA data types in the Supported data types section for various targets .

  • Added the list of supported data types for replication from PostgreSQL or PostgreSQL Database as a Service to Oracle when conflict resolution is configured.

6 4th December 2023
7 28th February 2024

Updated the licensing related information in the Licensing section.

8 5th March 2024 Added an important note regarding OLS policy configuration in the Conditions of Support - OLS section.
9 28th March 2024 Added the SPO-24700 and SPO-24698 issues in the Resolved Issues in this Release section.
10 6th May 2024

New Features

What's New in this Release

PostgreSQL Database as a Service as source

SharePlex supports the following functionality for PostgreSQL Database as a Service as source:

  • Cloud database service: Logical replication on the below platforms

    • AWS: Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora

    • Azure: PostgreSQL on Flexi Server

Note: SharePlex supports logical replication with the pgoutput plugin only.

SharePlex supports data replication for the PostgreSQL Database as a Service according to the below source target combinations:

Database support

Oracle 21c: Support for Oracle 21c is included in this release.

Other new features

  • FIPS Compliant SharePlex: SharePlex installations can now be run on FIPS-enabled servers only on the Linux platform.

  • SharePlex supports physical and logical replication with PostgreSQL on-premise database.

  • Users can now configure the Post process to log information about conflict resolution operations using the SharePlex prepared routines for the PostgreSQL database.

  • SharePlex now supports the BOOLEAN, TIME, BYTEA, and TIME WITH TIMEZONE data types for PostgreSQL as a source.

  • Users can now replicate data from PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL when the database name has hyphen, dot, and plus (-, ., +) characters.

  • SharePlex now supports High Availability with CrunchyData for PostgreSQL on-premises database with physical and logical replication.

  • SharePlex now supports Kafka partitioning based on 'messagekey' for Oracle as a source.

  • SharePlex supports the Show Last Posted feature for the PostgreSQL database.

  • SharePlex now supports replication from PostgreSQL Timestamp to Oracle/PostgreSQL Date data types.

  • Users can now activate configuration with LSN using the user-provided LSN for PostgreSQL as a source.

    Limitation: This command option is supported only for physical replication.

  • SharePlex supports the trigger scripts for replicating data from PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL database.

  • SharePlex supports the configuration scripts for replicating data from PostgreSQL to supported target databases.

  • Users no longer need to follow case-sensitivity for column names in the config file while replicating data from PostgreSQL to Oracle.

  • SharePlex now supports long table and column names with more than 30 characters for Oracle as a source.

    Limitation: In Oracle to other RDBMS (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MySQL) target replication, if a table being replicated has a column name longer than 30 characters and there are uncommitted inserts followed by update operations within a given transaction, the open Poster process will fail to replicate the data and display an error. This occurs because the supplemental key data is not available in Oracle's REDO log, resulting in the Poster process stopping.

  • Support for OpenSSL 3.0.8.

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

Resolved Issues in this Release

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release of SharePlex.

Issue ID Description Source and target Component/ Feature
SPSQL-4182 For the AWS Aurora PostgreSQL database as a source, the Capture process encounters an error of ERROR: unexpected pageaddr during a bulk insert operation for Unicode characters. This error can be ignored as the Capture process reestablishes the connection with wal_sender and continues without stopping. PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Bulk Insert
SPO-24746 The SharePlex Poster displays the ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable character string error when users try to create a table with a LONG RAW datatype after activating a config. Oracle to Oracle Poster
SPO-24744 The SharePlex Poster displays the basic_string::_M_create error while replicating data with LOB columns from Oracle to Oracle. Oracle to Oracle Poster
SPO-24742 After updating to the latest version, the Import and Export processes are frequently getting automatically disconnected. This issue is observed intermittently. Oracle to Oracle Import and Export
SPO-24730 After performing the DML operation on the data with hash values, the tables are displayed as out-of-sync. Oracle to Oracle DML operation
SPO-24727 SharePlex is truncating the last part of the query when executing a Drop Partition operation using a PL/SQL script from Oracle to Oracle. Oracle to Oracle Drop partition
SPO-24719 The spbininfo command is terminating with an error while reading information from a directory that contains strings commands. Oracle to Oracle spbininfo command
SPO-24709 The SharePlex Manager is unable to discover the replication streams and instances for SharePlex version 11.0. Oracle to Oracle SharePlex Manager
SPO-24707 SharePlex displays the ORA-00911: invalid character error while performing the conflict resolution routine procedure to demonstrate trusted-source priority on the Oracle source. Oracle to Oracle Conflict resolution routine

SharePlex is not capturing the bulk data from the source environment with the CDC setup while replicating data from Oracle to Oracle.

Oracle to Oracle CDC setup
SPO- 24698 While replicating data from Remote On-Premise to RDS, when a user multiplexes the redo logs in different paths and sets the SP_OCT_OLOG_USE_OCI parameter for remote capture, SharePlex is displaying a statement repeatedly in the ocap_ ddl.log file. Remote On- Premise to RDS Remote Capture
SPO-24700 The SharePlex Poster process fails with the ORA-00942 error when users attempt to replicate data with table names longer than 30 characters. Oracle to Oracle Poster

When running the ora_setup utility with the Oracle client binaries, SharePlex displays an error stating that the Oracle path is not found when connecting to ASM.

Oracle to Oracle ora_setup utility
SPO-24683 The SharePlex Poster process is displaying the DDL error ORA-01418 error, which is causing the out-of-sync condition with the source. Oracle to Oracle Poster
SPO-24498 The SharePlex Capture process is experiencing a core dump while executing the DROP TABLE statement using the dbms_scheduler package. Oracle to Oracle Capture
SPO-22520 The SharePlex Poster process needs to be manually restarted after it stops due to the ORA-00060 error. Oracle to Oracle Poster


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