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Replicator 7.4 - Monitoring Replication

Package Tracking

Metalogix Replicator, Enterprise Edition customers can use Connect to track packages as they are replicated through your Replication Network. This function is most useful when replication is set up in Adaptive mode.


The purpose of this page is to track the processing of packages over Replication networks.

Things to look for include:

·Whether the package has arrived at all targets

·A breakdown of package notifications

·The amount of time it takes to replicate

Alerts in Connect

Connect sends e-mail alerts when it detects potential problems in your Replication Network. The Connect application must be running for alerts to be sent.

To enable e-mail alerts:

1.In Connect, under the Home tab, click Replication Status.

2.From the Replication Status menu, select E-mail Alerts.

3.If you have not configured an e-mail server, then you will be asked to configure one. You cannot configure e-mail alerts until you have configured an e-mail server.

4.Expand the farms you want to configure alerts for. Under the Farm Alert Settings tab, select Replication Engine Stopped if you want to be notified when Connect cannot access Replicator on the farm. SK2D9E~1_img45

5.Under the Server Alert Settings tab, select the alerts you want to receive for each Replication Connection. ETA and package count threshold alerts will only be sent if you have also configured those thresholds. See the ETA Threshold and Package Threshold sections for more information.

As you enter select alerts, they are automatically saved.

Event Logging

Replicator logs events within Windows Event Viewer, both under the Metalogix Replicator Log, as well as the Windows Application Log. It is often convenient to compare time stamps of the events found in the Metalogix Replicator Log and the Windows Application Log when troubleshooting errors. You can also use Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) for alerts for example by setting up a subscription in SCOM for your Replicator log and your Windows Application Log, you can receive alerts whenever an error is detected. This way you are kept up to date without having to monitor the event logs manually.  

Metalogix Replicator Log

The events logged under Metalogix Replicator Log are those that affect the Replicator system directly. These include errors, warnings and general information messages.

An example of a warning message includes: conflict detected

An example of an information message includes: service started

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