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Replicator 7.4 - Disaster Recovery Best Practices

Front-end Server Outages

The following sections describe what happens with replication when a front-end server becomes unavailable. Any server where Replicator is installed is called a replication engine.

Single Web Front-end is Not Available

Farms with a single web front-end server are not able to serve client requests from end users or Replicator. Other Replicator instances that are still running will continue to try to notify this farm that replication packages are available for download or will try to download replication packages from this farm until it becomes available.

Front-end Server is Not Available

If a WFE not running Replicator services fails, then there is no specific Replicator configuration required since a WFE running Replication will continue to process all inbound and outbound packages.

Replication Engine is Not Available

In this scenario, users can continue to access SharePoint, but Replicator is unable to process changes made on this or other farms. Changes made to this farm are still collected in the Replicator databases and when the Replication Engine is restored, replication continues.

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