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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.1.2 - Requirements Guide

Cloud Storage

PST Flight Deck can use Azure storage for the Backup and Cleanup module storage locations. It has been tested with standard, locally redundant blob storage. All access tiers have been used for this sort of storage and it is suggested to select the one that best suits the requirements of the project. For more information on how to create and configure Azure storage for PST Flight Deck, please reference the appropriate article.


The PST Flight Deck server can be installed on several different operating systems.



Windows 2008 R2


Windows 2012


Windows 2012 R2


Windows Server 2016


Windows Server 2019


Windows Server 2022


All server components require the following server-based features to be installed:

·Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

·Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


·Internet Information Server with ASP.Net enabled It is recommended the required components be installed using PowerShell commands. (See later in this article)


This product also requires Microsoft Office 2013 x64 or 2016 to be installed on the core server to install the solution.


NOTE: Microsoft Office 365 is not supported.


SQL Server

PST Flight Deck uses a SQL Server database to track the migration project. The minimum configuration for this server is:

CPU Cores




8 Gb



12 Gb

·10 GB Disk Space on a fast disk for the database

·Adequate space to accommodate log growth between maintenance cycles.


The following versions of SQL Server are supported:



SQL 2008


SQL 2008 R2


SQL 2012

No *1

SQL 2014


SQL 2016


SQL 2019


SQL 2022 RC1




The PST Flight Deck service account requires local Administrator access to all PST Flight Deck servers, full read/write access to the BITS upload share and the storage location that the share points at, and also active SQL ‘dbcreator’ permissions during the installation process.

For migrations to an Enterprise Vault target, the account used as the PST Flight Deck service account needs to be the Vault Service account used for the applicable Enterprise Vault server(s).

All accounts used during the operation of a PST Flight Deck project require the ability to access applicable servers, and to have full read/write access to the PST Flight Deck SQL database. Any account used during the operation of PST Flight Deck must be configured as an “Expert” in PST Flight Deck to have full control over Console functions.

Accounts running services that provide supplemental functionality, such as the Share Scanner or Central Upload Agent, require permission sufficient to access the resources they are acting against. For some of the more advanced features of the Central Upload Agent, this may include access to local workstation administrative shares. Typically these components run under accounts other than the service account.

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