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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.1.2 - Deployment Guide


Logging for the application configuration wrapper is configured separately than the wrapper itself. By default, logging is enabled at an “Info” level and configured to write to the %TEMP%/Quadrotech/MigrationAgent.log location. There is typically no need to make changes to the default logging. The NLog.config file contains the configuration to modify logging if required.


The ASW replaces Outlook as the published application within your streaming solution. The icon and name can be changed to give the appearance to the end user that Outlook is still the application being published. To cease publication of Outlook and publish the ASW consult your streaming solution’s documentation.

Depending on the utilization of Outlook on your application streaming host, you may also wish to set registry keys governing how Outlook handles PST files. Unlike the Migration Agent, the ASW has no ability to manage the utilization of the PST files. For information regarding the registry keys the Migration Agent sets when a user is enabled for migration, please refer to the knowledge base article.

Next Steps

Once installed and configured, the ASW is fully functional. When an enabled user launches the published ASW application over the streaming solution’s interface, any PST files that are attached to that user’s profile will be disconnected if the user is enabled for migration.

Central Upload Agent

The Central Upload Agent (CUA) is a component frequently utilized in a PST Flight Deck environment. The primary role of the CUA is to upload files stored on centralized repositories more rapidly without having to use a workstation’s Migration Agent. This can result in quicker processing for users that are separated from their PST storage location by a slow WAN link, users without a Migration Agent, or PST Files with no clear owner. Prior to installation, the system requirements for the CUA should be met. For more information related to the system requirements for the CUA please review the Requirements Guide.

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