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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.1.2 - Deployment Guide

Trial License

A trial license allows the full functionality of a license for a limited time. When the license expires, the software continues to run with reduced functionality. This results in changed behavior within the UI and product. This type of license is commonly issued for proof-of-concept installations or during the initial setup and testing of PST Flight Deck.

Obtaining a license file

PST Flight Deck and ScanIt license files are issued by e-mail upon purchase. Trial license files may be issued for proof-of-concept installations through our sales team. If a trial license is required and unavailable, please contact your sales representative directly or the sales team via our site.

If you need to replace a license file, please reference our knowledge base article on how to update a PST Flight Deck license file.


There are several features available in PST Flight Deck. Depending on your deployment and license, all features may not be offered or appropriate. The installers for the current public version of PST Flight Deck can be downloaded from our site and are as follows:



PST Flight Deck Server

PST Flight Deck.msi

Migration Agent x86 version


Migration Agent x64 version


Central Upload Agent


Content Scanner


Share Scanner / Content Scanner / Central Upload Agent


PST Flight Deck Admin Console



PST Flight Deck has many components that can be installed to best suit a project’s requirements. The following discusses the installation of many of these components.

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