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Quadrotech Nova Current - Release Notes

April 21, 2021

New Features

Close Dashboard Widgets

Pre-designed dashboard widgets have the ability to be cloned.

Inventory Reports

An Inventory Reports category can be found in Quadrotech Nova Reporting, giving an overview of a tenant's Microsoft 365 setup.

Recent Reports

An icon has been added for Recent Reports.

April 07, 2021

New Features

Whitelabel Rebrand

Whitelabel branded help links have been hidden where appropriate from the Nova UI.

Updated Dashboard Widgets

Units of measurement can now be configured to a more suitable scale.

Downloading Data Within Reports

Download a chart's drill down data as a .CSV format.

Expand Charts

Pie charts now fit to scale of the widget as it's being configured.


Resolved Issues

Resolved Issue

Issue ID #

Ability to add service accounts prevented until tenant has been connected.


March 24, 2021

New Features

March 24, 2021

TMS Hierarchy Search Results

Improved the TMS search results by setting it to automatic expand the list of ancestors in the hierarchy for a selected organization. This will then allow users to scroll the list to see the selected organization.

Data Source Column

Implemented a Select All/None option for the data source column when selecting fields for a report.


March 10, 2021

New Features

New Wizard
Implemented new on boarding wizard which allows users to set up reporting for Nova through a guided experience.


Reconfigured widgets on the dashboard that had no data collected to display a banner instead of empty graphs.


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