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QoreStor 7.3.0 - User Guide

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Managing QoreStor remotely

QoreStor leverages the Quest QorePortal to provide a detailed dashboard of all of the QoreStor and DR Series systems in your organization. With this dashboard, you can easily monitor and manage all of the QoreStor and DR Series systems in your enterprise through one view.

To view QoreStor and DR Series systems on QorePortal, you must register the system with the portal and enable remote management. See the topics below for more information:

Getting started with QorePortal

Before registering your QoreStor system(s) with the QorePortal, you must have at least one user account and one organization. Follow the steps below to complete the initial configuration:

  1. Access the QorePortal at
  2. If you have a Quest Support login, enter your user name and password. Otherwise, click Sign up for a new account and complete the dialog.
  3. On QorePortal, under Organizations, click Add.
  4. Enter a name for the Organization.
  5. Click Add.

Registering QoreStor with the portal

In order to register your QoreStor or DR Series system with QorePortal, you must have an account on the portal and at least one Organization configured.

To register QoreStor

  1. On QorePortal, select the organization to which you want to add a QoreStor system.
  2. Click Register QoreStor.
  3. Click Generate registration token.
  4. In the Register QoreStor dialog, click the copy icon to copy the token to your clipboard or other wise record the token.
  5. On your QoreStor system navigation menu, click Management.
  6. In the Registration section, read the registration rules and select I have read and accept the rules.
  7. Click Register.
  8. Paste or enter the token generated above. Click Register.


Enabling Remote Management

Once a QoreStor system is registered with the Global View Portal, you have the option of enabling remote management, which allows management and configuration of a QoreStor system through the Global View Portal.

To enable remote management

  1. On your QoreStor system navigation menu, click Management.
  2. In the Remote Management section, click Enable.



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