QoreStor 5.1.0 - Release Notes

QoreStor Release Notes

Quest® QoreStor™ 5.1.0

Release Notes

March 2019 - Revision A for build 377

About this document

These release notes are intended to supplement the QoreStor documentation to provide last minute information available for the latest release of the QoreStor software. These release notes contain details about the latest updates and resolutions, known issues, resolutions, and other information.

NOTE: Please check for the latest versions of the QoreStor documentation available at support.quest.com/qorestor.

About this release

QoreStor is a software-defined secondary storage platform based on Quest’s proven DR Series Appliance’s resilient deduplication and replication technologies. With QoreStor, you can break free of backup appliances and accelerate backup performance, reduce storage requirements and costs, and replicate safer and faster to the cloud for data archiving, disaster recovery and business continuity.

QoreStor supports all of the major backup software applications in use today and can lower your backup storage costs to as little as $.16/GB while reducing your total cost of ownership. (For a complete list of supported backup software, see Suppored backup applications). QoreStor achieves these results using patented Rapid Data Access (RDA) technology as well as built-in, variable block-based deduplication and compression.

QoreStor helps you to:

  • Reduce on-premises and cloud storage costs with industry-leading deduplication and compression.
  • Accelerate backup completion with protocol accelerators and dedupe.
  • Shrink replication time by transmitting only changed data.
  • Improve data security and comply with FIPS 140-2.
  • Maximize return on investment for existing data protection technologies.
  • Lower total cost of ownership through all-inclusive licensing.

QoreStor5.1.0.377 is a hotfix release of QoreStor with defect resolutions and minor enhancements. See What’s new in this release for more information. See Resolved issues for information on issues resolved in this version.

New features and enhancements

New features and enhancements

New features included in QoreStor 5.1.0 build 377 include:

  • Support for email notification of QoreStor Alerts.
  • New text-based configuration menu to simplify QoreStor configuration and troubleshooting.

Enhancements included in QoreStor 5.1.0 build 377 include:

  • Secure Connect is enabled by default in this release when using latest RDA and OST plug-ins.
  • Support for RHEL, Oracle, and CentOS 7.6
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