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PST Flight Deck 9.2 - Deployment Guide


This guide describes important steps to deploy PST Flight Deck in a general configuration on supported systems. It is written for a technical audience. All installation, configuration, and support should be performed by a PST Flight Deck qualified architect. The goal of this guide is to provide an overview of the installation process. If a comprehensive evaluation of the best deployment for a specific environment is required, a PST Flight Deck architect will need to be engaged.

PST Flight Deck is a scalable enterprise-capable solution designed to address decades of unmanaged PST file creation, utilization, and proliferation throughout an organization. The objective of this solution is to identify and migrate the content of PST files into a target environment to permit the content to be subject to regulatory, retention, and organizational requirements.

The scalability and customization of the solution permits a vast number of suitable configurations and designs. The purpose of this document is to provide a general installation guidance. This document is not intended to provide guidance on PST Flight Deck deployment design. If a comprehensive evaluation of the best deployment for a specific environment is required, a PST Flight Deck architect will need to be engaged.

Pre-Installation Requirements

Review the PST Flight Deck requirements document in addition to this guide before installing the software. It will give you a better understanding of the process and requirements needed to successfully implement PST Flight Deck.


All prerequisites discussed in the PST Flight Deck requirements document must be implemented before you attempt to install any of the PST Flight Deck components. In addition, the following items or information will be required during the installation:

·Valid PST Flight Deck license file for the features and domain where the product is installed

·Current version of PST Flight Deck installation media

·Workstation(s) available meeting minimum requirements

·PST Flight Deck Migration Agent installation media for the version of Outlook installed on the workstation(s)

·Name of SQL server which is accessible and configured for PST Flight Deck

·Known desired target system/type connection information

Overview of Licensing

PST Flight Deck uses a license file which is bound to the domain name where the PST Flight Deck Core server is installed. A license file containing the required features and number of accounts that are to be migrated must be obtained prior to the installation.

The following pages are types of PST Flight Deck licenses that are available.

Production License

A production license has no, or vast, time limits associated with it and has the amount of user licenses which have been purchased. It is designed to be the only license required through the life of the project.

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