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NetVault Backup Plug-in for Domino 4.4 - User Guide

Restoring an Incremental Backup sequence

This example assumes that Full Backups are performed every Sunday, and Incremental Backups are performed Monday through Saturday. To recover from a failure that occurred on Wednesday morning, restore the Full Backup created on Sunday, followed by the Incremental Backups created on Monday and Tuesday.

Restoring an Incremental Backup includes the steps outlined in the following topics:

Restoring the original Full Backup

Restoring the intermediary Incremental Backups

Restoring the final Incremental Backup

When restoring the final Incremental Backup, you can apply the Transaction Logs and perform a Roll-Forward Recovery or PITR. To apply Transaction Logs while restoring the final Incremental Backup, perform the following steps.

Click the Rollforward tab, and configure the Roll-Forward and PITR options.
If the Domino Server is online, select the Last Backup Set check box and the Soft Recovery option to apply the Transaction Logs on the server.
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