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Migrator Pro for Exchange 20.11.1 - Fast Start Guide

Prepare and Verify Your Environment


Some migration scenarios require specific Exchange servers and/or roles. Find your planned migration path below to see if you can migrate directly, or if you will need additional components.

Mailbox Migration Paths




Public Folder Migration Paths






Public Folder Migration Paths

Mailbox Migration Paths









Prepare for Installation



Assemble credentials for:

  • An existing SQL server, if you do not plan to use the optional SQL installation offered as part of the Migrator Pro for Exchange install process.

  • Active Directory (AD), to create some Global Groups, such as “E2E_Admins

  • Exchange (source and target): accounts with membership in the Exchange Organization Administrators and Organization Management groups, and Global Administrators if migrating to Office365.

  • Local administrator access on the server that will be used for Migrator Pro for Exchange.

  • If you are migrating Public Folders, you will need mailbox-enabled accounts in both source and target, that are members of their respective Public Folder Management Exchange groups.

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