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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Secure Replication


As changes are made in SharePoint, Replicator captures these as events and extracts the changes into Replication Packages. These packages are stored on disk as zip files that contain proprietary wrappers that further protect the SharePoint changes from being read.

Farm administrators can specify passwords that will be used to encrypt these packages, ensuring another layer of security. The encrypted zip files are stored in the Replicator Data Folders, transferred to target servers, and then decrypted and applied on the target web applications.


Replicator also allows for controlling and resetting of passwords through PowerShell. The following commands are for users who change their passwords regularly for security purposes. They give you a way to update Replicator with the new passwords in conjunction with the automated process you have for changing passwords.

For more information about the following commands, see the Metalogix Replicator Command-line Reference.

Replicator Data Folders

You can use the following command to set up the password for your data folders, configured at the web application level:


PS>Set-ReplicatorWebAppConfig "http://corporateoffice"

-remotepassword pa55w0rd

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