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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator

PowerShell Script

The following PowerShell script is an example of how you can manage the Replicator services from a custom script. The script�s syntax is:

RepBounceMetalogix.ps1 [Start|Stop|Restart|Help]

The script provides feedback to the console as the requested actions are performed.  There are also pauses in the script to allow actions to complete before the status is checked and reported.  These pauses are set to last 5 seconds.  The script can be modified to increase or decrease the length of the pause.  Look for the Start-Sleep cmdlets in the script and change the number after the cmdlet to the amount of time, in seconds, that the script should pause.

To run the script from the PowerShell interactive window enter the command <location>\RepBounceMetalogix.ps1.


To run the script from a command prompt, enter the command �powershell <location>\RepBounceMetalogix.ps1�.  The output will look the same as when the script is run within the PowerShell interactive window.


1.Entering the Start parameter will start both Metalogix Replicator services:

C:\software\metalogix\tools\RepBounceMetalogix.ps1 Start  

2.Entering the Stop parameter will stop both of the Metalogix Replicator services.  

C:\software\metalogix\tools\RepBounceMetalogix.ps1 Stop  

3.Passing the Restart parameter will stop and then start both of the Metalogix Replicator services.

C:\software\metalogix\tools\RepBounceMetalogix.ps1 Restart



Passing the Help parameter will display the script usage and parameter definitions.  This is the default parameter.  If the command is entered without a parameter, the script will assume the Help parameter.

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