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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator

Best Practices for Building Custom Web Parts

·Make sure your custom Web Part does not use any properties containing GUIDs that cannot be resolved on all the target servers. GUID values are not the same on all servers. For example, do not use List IDs, User IDs, Site IDs, Web IDs, List Item IDs, and so on, as web part property values. It is best to use a descriptive name to represent the list, such as the title of the list, since this value can be serialized and does not have to be changed or resolved as long as the list has the same title on all servers.

Best Practice

Bad Practice

List Title= "Shared Documents"

List ID = '{0BA8DD26-CBC5-11DD-98C1-A59355D89593}'


·Store any properties containing URLs as relative URLs. This ensures the URLs can be resolved on all of the target servers.

Best Practice

Bad Practice




·Make sure that any custom properties that your web part has are correctly marked as serializable or not serializable. We depend on the developer following these guidelines since Replicator will only package properties that marked as serializable. If a property is marked as being serializable, but in fact is not, then this could cause a replication package to throw an exception either during our package serialization or deserialization process. It is best to ensure your Web Part properties are using simple types, such as string and number types.

Best Practice

Bad Practice




·Replicator neither installs nor deploys solution files (WSPs) across web applications. Therefore it is important that you deploy all of the necessary solutions and features to each of the target web applications to which you are replicating your custom web parts. You must also ensure that the correct features are activated across all of your target servers. Replicator can capture and queue events that activate and de-activate features.

·Replicator does not replicate any type of personalization settings. Therefore do not depend on these settings being replicated.

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