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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Maintain Replication Network

In this phase of the lifecycle, we maintain the health and optimize your Replication Network.

Maintaining your Replication Network is out of scope for this guide. See the Metalogix Replicator Reference Guide and Scenario User Guides for more information about maintenance activities and tasks, found at this link

Installing SQL Server Updates

Before installing any SQL Server updates, disable the Metalogix Replicator services running in the farms using that database.

To install a SQL Server update:

1.On each server in the farm where Replicator is running, open the Windows Services window and stop both Metalogix Replicator services.

2.Install the SQL Server update.


Restart all of the Metalogix Replicator services that were stopped in step 1.

Installing SharePoint Updates

Before installing any SharePoint updates, disable replication for any web applications in the SharePoint farm you are updating. The following tasks guide you through the process of installing a SharePoint update on any farms configured for replication.

Confirming Replicator works with the SharePoint Update

To confirm Replicator works with the SharePoint Update:

1.In Central Administration, open Application Management and select About Replicator.

2.On the About Replicator page, click Get Version Information. This updates the SharePoint version shown on the page to show the most recent SharePoint version supported by this version of Metalogix Replicator.


If a newer version of Metalogix Replicator is available, then you will also see that on this page and the latest SharePoint version it supports.


If you are updating SharePoint to a version that is supported by Replicator then continue with the next task.


If you are updating SharePoint and Replicator at the same time, then you must first disable replication for all web applications in this farm. After the web applications are disabled, you can update both products in any order.


If the SharePoint update is not supported by Replicator, then you should not install the SharePoint update. Contact the Quest Support team for additional information.

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