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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Network Share

Replicator requires a network share to be set up, especially if Replicator will be installed on multiple web front ends. All servers on the farm must have access to the share in order for Replication to work. You can either manually create a network share, or allow the configuration wizard help you create one.

Downloading and Preparing the Replicator Installer

To download Replicator and prepare the setup files for installation:

1.Download Replicator from the Metalogix website:

2.Extract the Replicator installer from the file you downloaded. In most cases you can right-click on the file and select Extract All.

Installing Metalogix Replicator

You must install on all servers within the farm that you want to have Replicator running on. The servers must also be running the SharePoint web app service.

To install Replicator to your SharePoint farm:

1.From the directory where you extracted the installer, run Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint to start the setup process. The exact file name depends on your operating system architecture.

2.The welcome page allows you to open the Evaluation Guide and/or the Quick Installation Guide for further information about Replicator. To proceed with installation click Install Replicator. This will launch the Replicator Installer.

3.At the welcome screen, click Next.

4.At the License Agreement screen, review the agreement, select one of the choices, and click Next. If you do not accept the agreement, then you must click Cancel and exit the installer.

5.On the Installation Folder screen, select the default. Click Next.

6.On the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install to start installing Replicator.

7.After the installer finishes, select Launch the Replicator Configuration Wizard and click Finish.

Replicator is now installed on the server. The following sections describe the various configuration wizard settings you can choose, based on the type of installation you are doing. Your installation will vary depending on where and why the installation of Replicator is being run. Please choose the section that pertains to your particular installation type.

Configuring Replicator For the First Server in a Multi-Server Farm

In this installation scenario we will be configuring Replicator as an installation on the first server with SharePoint Service in a multi-server farm.

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