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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Installing Replicator into your SharePoint Farm

Metalogix Replicator can be installed on any server in your SharePoint farm that is running the SharePoint web application service.

You can install Replicator on more than one server in your farm, but only Enterprise Edition licenses support running multiple Replicator installations at the same time in the same farm.

For every scenario of installation, and on every server/farm where you will be installing Replicator, you will have to download and run the installer. Downloading and running the installer are both detailed in this document in section Downloading and Preparing the Replicator Installer and section Installing Metalogix Replicator, respectively.

There are multiple benefits to running Replicator on more than one server. For a detailed list of these benefits, see the Replicator Product and Concepts Guide.

Silent Install

Replicator installations can be run directly from a command prompt without prompting for additional information. For more information on the installation and configuration commands, see the Replicator Command Line Reference Guide.

Estimated time to Install and Configure Replicator

By following the install process, we expect that most users will be able to install and configure Replicator in approximately four hours. The actual time required will vary based on the amount of preparation tasks you perform before running the Metalogix Replicator installer, the number of servers you have in a farm, and the number of farms you have in total.



The following tables describe the hardware, software, and access requirements for Metalogix Replicator. If our requirement is equivalent or less restrictive than a SharePoint requirement, then we do not document it here.

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