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Metalogix Backup for SharePoint 6.8 - Advanced Installation Guide

Management Console considerations

Here are a few things to consider about your management console:

·When the Management Console host is a Windows 2008 Server computer, an access denied error may appear when you try to stop or start the Backup Service. The error appears due to the User Account Control (UAC) group policy. You can either use the Run As command to run the Backup Service as the user <domain>\Administrator or you can disable the User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode local security policy.

·If you archive a backup set and remove it from the backup set storage location, the Metalogix Backup for SharePoint repository database contains cached information about the original location of the backup set. If you move the backup set to a new location and then import the backup set, you should close and then restart the Management Console before you restore SharePoint objects from that backup set.

·If the SQL Server Browser Service is stopped or is disabled on the computer that hosts the repository database, the error message "An error occurred connecting to the Repository Database. Please verify the preferences are set correctly for Repository Database Connection." appears. The Management Console relies on the SQL Server Browser Service to connect to the repository database. Restart the SQL Server Browser Service and start the Management Console again.

Backup Service considerations

Here are a few things to consider about the backup service:

·If you deploy a new a solution (WSP file) to your SharePoint farm while one or more Backup Service instances are running, you must restart all of the Backup Service instances before you create or perform a backup or an error message may appear.

·If a backup or restore job is in progress and the computer that hosts the Backup Service is rebooted, queued jobs may not start. If this occurs, restart all Backup Service instances to start the queued jobs.

Self-Service Recovery considerations

Here are a few things to consider about Self-Service Recovery:

·When you use the Self-Service Recovery feature to locate and retrieve files, Metalogix Backup for SharePoint can only retrieve files from backup sets created by the same version of the product. This version retrieves files from backup sets created by this same version. To ensure that users can retrieve files with the Self-Service Recovery feature, you should perform a full backup of the content as soon as possible when you upgrade Metalogix Backup for SharePoint.

FAST Search Service considerations

Here are a few things to consider about the FAST search service:

·SharePoint 2010 has limited support for SharePoint FAST Search, this is a result of the FAST search being installed in an external server on which the Backup Service cannot be installed. As a result only the following features are supported for SharePoint 2010:

·Search service application Administration database

·Search service application Crawl database

·Search Service application Property database

Metalogix Backup for SharePoint is also able to backup and restore the metadata related with Content indexes for these Databases.

·SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 has a merged version of the SharePoint Search and FAST Search Server for SharePoint search engines. As a result, Metalogix Backup for SharePoint is able to cover backup and restores of the following search Databases:

·Search Administration database

·Analytics Reporting database

·Crawl database

·Link database

Here, the entire search service is part of the Backup product itself.

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