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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Release Notes

Quest® MessageStats® 7.8.1

Quest® MessageStats® 7.8.1

About this release

MessageStats is a Windows-based data collection and reporting application that facilitates the analysis of messaging statistics for a number of messaging environments. The core MessageStats application focuses on the Microsoft Exchange messaging environments.

MessageStats provides comprehensive information regarding critical metrics for resource usage, capacity monitoring and planning, and migration preparedness. It also provides detailed information for monitoring mailbox content and mail flow, allowing you to track capacity and improper usage.

To aid information gathering from wide-ranging messaging systems, MessageStats provides a dynamic task-based gathering engine that allows the collection of information to be intelligently scheduled, minimizing the impact to the messaging system and corporate network.

In addition, MessageStats offers the ability to horizontally scale out gathering components so that MessageStats can gather efficiently from remote messaging systems.

With the extensive information that MessageStats gathers, MessageStats provides an extremely flexible web-based reporting engine that allows all interested individuals to view messaging information and to package the information in many different ways. All reports are available by accessing the web site directly, by signing up for automated subscriptions that can be sent to any email address, or through export to a number of supported formats.

MessageStats 7.8.1 is a minor release. See New features and Resolved issues.

New features

This release includes the following features:

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