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Foglight for SNMP 5.9.6 - Release Notes

Resolved issues and enhancements

Resolved issues and enhancements

The release is made to accompany the 5.9.6 release of Foglight for Infrastructure. The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.

Defect ID

Resolved Issue


Fixed an issue if monitorAgent for SNMPHostExtension object is NULL, there will be boring ERROR messages in the FMS log.


Known issues

Known issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Defect ID

Known Issue


The foglight.limit.instances Registry Variable reaches the maximum value, which causes the creation of a new topology object is failed.

Workaround: Search for foglight.limit.instances on the Manage Registry Variables dashboard, and then set a larger value as needed.


The system.sysObjectID is not correctly formatted on some SNMP engines.


Documentation is missing SNMP agent sizing recommendations.


Add support for POLYCOM® RealPresence® Collaboration Server (RMX®).


Enhance Foglight for SNMP to better handle devices that are not currently supported (that is, devices that have no sysObjectID in the Supported devices list).


The agent logs an IOException when parsing Integer64 or Counter64 in SNMP.

Workaround: Use SNMP V2c credential to collect Count64 SNMP data.



In a Foglight federation environment, where there are several Federated Child Servers connected to a single Federation Master Server, the SNMP property configurations (ASPs) on the Child Servers do not stay synchronized.


Third party known issues

Third party known issues

There are no known third party issues specific to this release of Foglight for SNMP.


Upgrade and compatibility

Upgrade and compatibility

The latest version of Foglight for SNMP is 5.9.6.

Prerequisite: Foglight for Infrastructure (or later) must be installed before upgrading to Foglight for SNMP 5.9.6.

Note: Foglight for Infrastructure is order-dependent. Therefore, the Agent Manager must be updated on the Management Server prior to installing Foglight for Infrastructure.


Important: The BindUpTimeToHostBootTime rule was updated since Foglight for SNMP version Before upgrading Foglight for SNMP to version or later from old versions (for example,, ensure that the BindUpTimeToHostBootTime rule was not modified on your environment. After upgrading to version or later, you must disable the GenericSNMPService cartridge and then re-enable it (or restart the Management Server), so that the rule change takes effect.


To upgrade Foglight for SNMP to the latest version:

  1. Use the Administration > Cartridges > Cartridge Inventory dashboard to install the cartridge and all the sub-cartridges within it. Do not delete the older version of the .car file. Install version 5.9.6 over the older version.
  2. Manually upgrade the agents.
    1. Navigate to the Administration > Agents > Agent Status dashboard.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • Select any GenericSNMPAgent type agent and any GenericSNMPTrapAgent type agent and click Upgrade.
      • Click Deploy Agent Package and deploy both GenericeSNMPAgent and GenericSNMPTrapAgent packages to the targeted Foglight Agent Manager host.
  3. Disable the GenericSNMPService cartridge and then re-enable it (or restart the Management Server), so that the rule changes takes effect.


The following Foglight product versions and platforms are compatible with this release.

Product Name

Product Version


Foglight Management Server

5.7.5 or later

All platforms supported by this version of the Foglight Management Server

Foglight Agent Manager

5.8.5 or later

All platforms supported by this version of the Foglight Agent Manager


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