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Foglight for Oracle (Cartridge) 7.2.0 - Release Notes

Foglight ® for Oracle

Foglight ® for Oracle

Welcome to Foglight for Oracle

Foglight ® for Oracle allows database administrators (DBAs) to quickly and efficiently identify performance deviations, determine their root cause, perform comprehensive analyses, and resolve performance bottlenecks. This product provides web-enabled dashboards for centralized visibility, management and health checks for the Oracle instances deployed in your environment, as well as proactive alerting and alarm workflows for tracking your responses to critical performance anomalies.

Foglight for Oracle is an n-tier application, which leverages a web-based user interface to ensure having complete visibility into the Oracle infrastructure wherever an Internet connection is available.

This version of Foglight for Oracle is integrated with SQL Performance Investigator.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds and other important information about release of Foglight for Oracle. Review all sections before starting installation.

New in this release

Resolved issues and enhancements


Workload/Executive Reports show upSince of Cluster agent and not the instance agent


Tablespaces > Details dashboard doesn't display data when changing timerange


Fixed The DBO_Data_Guard_Status topology is missing for Mounted database


Fixed DBONameRamRacProcessor RAC aggregation failed with NPE


Fixed DBOUnixOracleRamProcessor fails reading input string


Unable to create Oracle/MSSQL/Azure/DB2 agents when enabling OS with RSA credential


OS_File_System_IO_Summary is not collecting data when Oracle instance run on Linux kernel version 5.15


Cannot add Data Guard for RAC One Node Primary / Standby


Wizard prints a user sensitive info in the FMS log


[Query Insights] Oracle sql stmnt >Investigate shows blank


Generate Workload Summary Report for Oracle (7 days) shows the graph when we total it shows more than 100%


Stop pushing RAC data to SQLProfile


Data Guard Stats Standby collection failed


execution plan: INDEX RANGE SCAN/TABLE ACCESS FULL rows repeated but with diff stats


Creating Oracle agent for Standby in mounted mode failed


The number of executions is not correct in PI


Typo in resultset limiter of DBO_Data_Guard_Destination_Status_ONE_NODE collection


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