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Foglight for Oracle (Cartridge) - Deployment Guide

Deployment pre-requisites

Welcome to the Foglight for Databases Deployment Guide. This guide provides the pre-requisites for optimal deployment, to ensure the best user experience possible.

This section describes important deployment information required to monitor the leading RDBMS: Oracle®, SQL Server®, Sybase®, DB2 for LUW, and Azure® SQL.


There are three main components:

Foglight Management Server and Foglight Database Repository — Responsible for managing, alerting and viewing the collected data. Both components can be set to run on the same machine or reside on separate machines.
Agent Manager — Hosts the monitoring database agents.
SQL PI Repository — An embedded repository which stores the SQL PI data that the monitoring agents collect. Currently available on Oracle and SQL Server monitoring only.

Deployment in Centralized vs Distributed

In monitoring environments that exceed a total of 20 agents, a distributed installation is necessary:

In All-in-One installations on virtual machines (VMs), the machine must have all of the CPU and Memory requirements fully reserved.

Once the total number of agents exceeds 20, All-in-One installations are no longer supported.

Hardware requirements

Identify your hardware requirements, which are determined by whether SQL PI is configured and by the number of monitoring agents.

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