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Foglight for Apache 7.1.0 - User and Reference Guide

Configuring Apache monitoring

To view status and performance for an Apache web server in Foglight for Apache, you must deploy an Apache monitor (an agent) to a Foglight Agent Manager. Configure the Apache monitor to detect the server status and server information pages on the Apache web server; the monitor collects data from the web server according to the collection schedule.

Configuring Apache web servers for monitoring

The following three options are required for monitoring a web server with an Apache agent. These options are set in the http.conf configuration file.

Normally, the required Apache modules are installed and enabled by default. In some instances, the web server administrator may have to enable them manually. If so, see the Apache HTTP Server Documentation, available online at:

Open the http.conf file in a text editor.
Verify that mod_info is enabled.
Verify that mod_status is enabled, and that the ExtendedStatus directive is also enabled (set to On).
Verify that the server-status and server-info handlers are configured. These handlers are built in to a standard Apache distribution and allow the agent to get the server’s status report and configuration information respectively.

Monitoring Apache web servers in FIPS-compliant mode

Foglight for Apache agent supports to run in FIPS-compliant mode, depending on the Agent Manager where it's deployed on. That is to say if the Agent Manager runs in FIPS-compliant mode, the Apache agent will be configured to be FIPS-compliant automatically, and vice versa.

When Foglight for Apache agent runs in FIPS-compliant mode, and tries to access an Apache web server with HTTPs connection, the Apache agent requires to authenticate the Apache web server's certificate. In order to successfully access these web servers and collect metrics, you need to import the web server's certificates to Agent Manager's certificate store.

Limiting access to server status and information pages

The Apache agent includes a credential wizard to enable access to secure pages. For more information, see Step 5 of the procedure in Adding Apache monitors.

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