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erwin Data Transformation 9.2.3 - Installation Guide

erwin Data Transformation v9.2.3_Installation Guide

System Requirements

System Requirements

Software Requirements

Software Requirements


Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 10

Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

The following system components must be installed on the erwin DT server before starting the installation wizard procedure:

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1

The following components are also required to run erwin DT:

A 64bit JDK 8

oA version of AdoptOpenJDK 8 x64 (HotSpot) is provided if no compatible 64bit JDKs are detected on the users machine

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

oVisual C++ 2017 Redistributable is provided by the installer, if 2015 or 2017 is not already installed


If erwin DT is used against a CW Desktop Modeling Suite (aka Corporate Modeler Suite) connection, 2016.x or 2018.x versions of the Suite must be installed on the server.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements









Intel i7 Quad-Core 2Ghz or later

Intel i7 Quad-Core 2Ghz or later

Disk Space*



* Disk Space usage may be optimized periodically running Reset Logs/File feature and cleaning Windows TEMP directory

Running multiple concurrent jobs, particularly when managing import/export operations with huge amounts of data (several thousands) can lead to large memory/CPU resources requests.

It is recommended to run these operations on high-performance machines in order to provide results in a reasonable timeframe and avoid out of memory issues.

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