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erwin Data Transformation - Release Notes

erwin DT - Release Notes

erwin DT - Release Notes




erwin Data Transformation

Release Notes

What's New in erwin Data Transformation

          What's New in erwin Data Transformation

erwin DT 9.1 is the latest release of the erwin DT.

Major Release – v9.1 

Major Release – v9.1

New adapters added to support:

GLPi - Open Source Asset Tracking

Apiman - Open Source API Management

XL Deploy - Automated Software Deployment

Oracle 12 Support

Evolve - Diagram Migration Capability [Requires additional PSG Support and Components]

The CMLoader is now able to migrate diagrams between models, under the following conditions:

1.Workflow operation involves the object type DIAGRAM

2.CwImport.exe, CwSingleExport.exe, CwSingleExportAndImport.exe are found into Evolve Suite BIN folder

3.Source and Target models share the same design, at least for diagrammed objects


The original diagrams being overwritten in the target model, based on their UUID, are exported in XML to the following file:

in the operations folder for backup and rollback support, before being updated.

Migration is based on the native XML import/export Evolve capability, thus keeping UUID for all diagrammed objects.


Improvements to:

ServiceNow Adapter

Improved filename handling ensures a consistent name can be used, allowing UTF-8 configuration in ServiceNow

Evolve Adapater

Scriptnames being split at underscore prevented properties with underscore in script name from being resolved

Upserting Associations by UUID now copes with renamed Source or Target Objects

Generic JSON Adapter

Authentication improvements

MMF Adapter

Blank dates function correctly

Other minor defect fixes and improvements.


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