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Benchmark Factory for Database 8.2.1 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Benchmark Factory® 8.2.1

Release Notes

Monday, April 15, 2019

About Benchmark Factory

Quest Software is pleased to make available Benchmark Factory® 8.2.1 to meet your database workload testing needs. Benchmark Factory is a database performance and code scalability testing tool that simulates users and transactions on the database and replays production workload in non-production environments. With Benchmark Factory developers, DBAs, and QA teams can validate that their databases will scale as user loads increase, application changes are made, and platform changes are implemented.

Benchmark Factory is available for Oracle®, SQL Server®, IBM® DB2®, SAP®, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases via ODBC connectivity. Benchmark Factory:

  • Simulates thousands of concurrent users with a minimal amount of hardware.
  • Simulates database production workloads.
  • Reports tests results with built-in reporting features.

Upon completion of a test execution, all test results are collected and stored in the repository for data analysis and reporting. Benchmark Factory collects a variety of informative and detailed statistics that include:

  • Overall server throughput (measured in transactions per second/minute or bytes transferred).
  • Detailed transaction executed statistics by individual agent workstations producing a load.


New Features

New Features in 8.2.1

This release of Benchmark Factory includes the following new features and enhancements.

Benchmark Factory 8.2.1

Benchmark Factory 8.2.1 is a patch release and includes resolved issues. For a complete list, see Resolved Issues and Enhancements.

Benchmark Factory 8.2


MySQL Native Connection. Beginning with this release, Benchmark Factory now provides the ability to create a MySQL connection using Native database connectivity.

  1. To create a MySQL Native connection, click the New Connection button in the main toolbar. Then select MySQL from the Database Type drop-down list.
  2. Select the Native tab in the New Connection dialog and enter the connection information.

Note: The following Benchmark tests are supported: TPC-C, TPC-E, and TPC-H.

Database Support

This release of Benchmark Factory includes support for the following database versions:

  • Oracle 18c
  • MySQL 8.0

Enhancements to the Benchmark Factory Agent for Linux

In release 8.1, Benchmark Factory introduced an agent which you can deploy in your Linux environment. Benchmark Factory 8.2 includes several significant enhancements to the Agent for Linux.

Automatically Install Remote Agent on Linux

You can now install an agent on a remote Linux machine through the Benchmark Factory Console. This provides an easy, UI-based method for installing a remote agent on a Linux platform.

  1. To install an agent on Linux through the console, select Edit | Settings | Agent. Then click Setup New User Agent.
  2. Select Linux and click OK. Enter the name or IP address and the connection information for the remote Linux machine on which you want to install the agent. If no agent is found, you are prompted to install one. Click Yes to automatically install an agent for Linux.
  3. After the agent is successfully installed, you can select it from the list of available agents.

Installation Package

The Benchmark Factory Agent for Linux is now distributed as an RPM package. This provides a number of advantages over the previous archive file (.tar) format. This format allows BMF to provide automatic installation through the Benchmark Factory Console. You can also use YUM to install the Benchmark Factory Agent RPM package on Linux manually.

To download the RPM package for manual installation, go to For additional information, see "Install Remote Agent on Linux" in the Benchmark Factory Help. For best results, install the Agent for Linux automatically through the Benchmark Factory Console.

Oracle and MySQL Support

The Benchmark Factory Agent for Linux can now be used when testing against the following database types (in addition to PostgreSQL):

  • Oracle
  • MySQL

Oracle. If using the Benchmark Factory Agent for Linux to test against an Oracle database, ensure an Oracle Client is installed on the same Linux machine as the Agent. Review the following details:

  • The Oracle Client and Oracle Instant Client, versions 10g R2 and later, are supported.
  • If you use a version of the Oracle Instant Client later than 10g R2, you must create a symbolic link to the shared library for the Oracle Instant Client you intend to use.
  • Additional Information—For additional prerequisites and more-detailed information, see "Install Remote Agent on Linux" in the Benchmark Factory Help.

See Resolved Issues for more enhancements and resolved issues in this release of Benchmark Factory.

Learn More

Learn more and connect with the community at the Benchmark Factory Community page on Toad World.

  • Find interesting blogs and other useful information.
  • Ask questions in the forum.
  • Link to Commercial, Trial, and Freeware downloads.
  • Find Benchmark Factory documentation.

Deprecated Features

SQL Server Native Client

Beginning with Benchmark Factory 8.1, the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client (11.0) is no longer distributed along with Benchmark Factory.

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of Benchmark Factory.

Resolved Issues in 8.2.1

Feature Resolved Issue Defect ID
Benchmark Factory Console Corrected an issue which caused an error when a Standard user attempted to start the Benchmark Factory console under certain conditions. BMF-5377
General Upgraded Third Party component to latest version. BMF-5419

Resolved Issues in 8.2

Feature Resolved Issue Defect ID
Adding SQL Transactions Corrected an issue in which the same database was listed twice in the "Database" drop-down list in the "Add Stored Procedures" dialog (Test Options | Transactions | Add Stored Procedures). This issue was discovered when testing against an SAP ASE database. BMF-3856
Adding SQL Transactions Corrected an issue in which existing procedures were not listed for the selected database in the "Add Stored Procedures" dialog (Test Options | Transactions | Add Stored Procedures). This issue was discovered when testing against an SAP ASE database. BMF-3857
Benchmark Factory REST API Corrected an issue in which Benchmark Factory failed to include the SQL's bind parameter in a Custom test posted using the JSON format. BMF-5217
Capture and Replay Corrected an issue which caused Benchmark Factory to unexpectedly stop and close as a result of high memory utilization when importing a very large number of Oracle trace files. BMF-5013
Capture and Replay Enhancement: A new Execution Method, "Direct SQL Execute," has been added to the "Add SQL Transactions" dialog. Select this method to execute SQL without preparation. This can be useful when replaying a workload in which temporary tables are used. BMF-5148
Capture and Replay When importing a SQL Server trace table, the SQL Server Trace Processing screen now displays statistics for only the imported SQL. BMF-5248
Capture and Replay Oracle: Corrected an issue in which executing a SQL statement that included an in/out parameter with a NULL value caused in the following error: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error. BMF-5253
Capture and Replay If an error is encountered during replay of an imported SQL Server trace table/file, the error message now includes more-detailed information, such as the name of the transaction that errored and the user scenario containing the transaction. BMF-5302
Connections - MariaDB ODBC Corrected an issue that caused a "load_progress" error when loading tables during a Standard Benchmark test (TPC-C and TPC-D) using a MariaDB ODBC connection to a MariaDB database. BMF-5305
General Oracle: Resolved an issue which caused Benchmark Factory to unexpectedly close when executing an Oracle SQL statement which returns a LONG data type column in the results. This issue was encountered during test execution, in the Session Editor, and during SQL Preview. BMF-5142
General Oracle: Corrected an issue that resulted in the following error when executing a Select statement against an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND data type column: ORA-24374: define not done before fetch or execute and fetch. BMF-5163
General Enhancement: User Startup options have been added to the Timing tab for the "Test SQL for Scalability" test and the capture replay. The User Startup options allow you to specify when to start users. This allows you to adjust startup loads by staggering user startup times. BMF-5297


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