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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 11.4 - User Guide for NetVault Backup Server

Completing the backup

You are now ready to perform a backup of the NetVault Backup Server. The procedure for performing backups includes the steps outlined in the following topics:

Selecting data for the backup

You must use sets — Backup Selection Set, Backup Options Set, Schedule Set, Target Set, and Advanced Options Set — to create a backup job. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

TIP: To use an existing set, click Create Backup Job, and select the set from the Selections list.
In the Navigation pane, click Create Backup Job.
You can also start the wizard from the Guided Configuration link. In the Navigation pane, click Guided Configuration. On the NetVault Configuration Wizard page, click Create backup jobs.
In Job Name, specify a name for the job.
Next to the Selections list, click Create New.
When the self node is displayed, double-click it to display all disk device information for this NetVault Backup Server.
Click Save, enter a name in the Create New Set dialog box, and click Save.

Setting backup options

The next step involves creating the Backup Options Set.

Next to the Plugin Options list, click Create New.
Select Disk Raw Mode, Compression, or both.
Disk Raw Mode: Select this option if you want all partition information for a selected hard drive to be ignored and a “bit-by-bit” backup of the entire disk image to be performed. This bit-by-bit form of data transfer occurs during the restore of this backup as well, thus eliminating the need to format the target drive or remove the partition.
Compression: To compress data on the NetVault Backup Server before transfer during backup, select this option. This option reduces overall network traffic during data transfer and also requires less media space to accommodate the backup. This option is useful for partitions that contain a large amount of unused space. Selecting this option usually provides better compression than using a network-based or tape-library-based compression feature.
Click Save to save the set.
In the Create New Set dialog box, specify a name for the set, and click Save.

Finalizing and submitting the backup job

The final steps include setting additional options on the Schedule, Target Storage, and Advanced Options pages, submitting the job, and monitoring the progress through the Job Status and View Logs pages. These pages and options are common to all NetVault Backup Plug-ins. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

Next to the Target Storage option, click Create New.
Click Media Options, select MID, and then enter the label in the text box.
This label is the label, for example, BMRMedia, for the target media that you specified earlier in the Media Properties dialog box.
Click Set.
Use the Schedule and Advanced Options lists to configure any additional required options.
Click Save & Submit, whichever is applicable.
You can monitor progress on the Job Status page and view the logs on the View Logs page. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.
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