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NetVault Backup 12.4 - Installation Guide

Introduction Deploying NetVault Backup Reviewing pre-installation requirements Installing NetVault Backup Reviewing post-installation requirements Upgrading NetVault Backup Licensing NetVault Backup Removing NetVault Backup Troubleshooting

Licensing NetVault Backup

About licensing NetVault Backup

The evaluation license for NetVault Backup is valid for 30 days. To continue using the software after the expiry of the evaluation period, you must install the permanent license keys for the server and installed plug-ins.

The server is licensed based on the NetVault Backup Server Edition and the additional options that you have purchased. The clients require a permanent license key only if any licensed plug-in has been installed on the machine.

The permanent license keys for NetVault Backup are tied to a particular machine where they are installed using the Machine ID. To obtain the permanent license key, locate the relevant Machine ID, and submit the request using the online licensing form.

Obtaining the machine ID

In the NetVault Backup Clients table, select the client, and click Manage.
On the View Clients page, note the machine ID exactly as it appears in the Client Summary table.

Obtaining permanent license keys

Submit the request using the on-line product licensing form at:

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