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NetVault Backup Plug-in for SAP on Oracle 11.4.5 - User Guide

Commands: an overview

This topic offers brief instructions on how to issue basic Plug‑in for SAP on Oracle commands from a terminal prompt to perform backup and restore operations. It also includes tables that provide details on the various commands that are available for use, and the parameters and variables that can accompany the commands.

Issuing commands


Accessing help from a terminal-session prompt

Navigate to the “…netvault/bin” directory.

Command table

The following table describes the commands available for use with the Plug‑in for SAP on Oracle.

-u <user_id>

Backup utility user.

To attach a user ID to a backup, use this option with the backup operation. When you use this option with inquire or restore operations, only the contents of backups made with an identical ID, or no ID, are listed or restored.

No user ID

-t <type>

Backup type (file, file_online).

Backint requests permission to start each file, and informs SAP when each file is completed. This command enables SAP to switch the tablespace to BEGIN/END BACKUP mode only when the backup of the related files takes place.

file: No such interactive mode occurs between NetVault Backup and SAP.
file_online: Used only for online backups.


-f <function>

Type or operation (backup, restore, inquire).

backup: Defines a backup request, including all the files specified in a list. Backint indicates which files have, or have not, been backed up successfully.
restore: Requests that a list of files, specified in a list, are restored. Backint indicates which files have, or have not, been successfully restored.
inquire: Provides information about what files exist in the backup, and in which savesets they are located.


-p <par_file>

Name of the file that contains the parameters that determine the backup procedure. For a description of the available options, see Parameter table.

Default parameter file; if specified in the Default Parameter File field of the Configure dialog box for this plug-in; for more information, see Configuring the plug-in.

-i <in_file>

Path name of the file that defines the objects of the function — backup, restore, or inquire. If this parameter is not set, data is read from the standard input.


-o <out_file>

Path name of the file where Backint writes the result of the function — backup, restore, or inquire. If this parameter is not set, the messages are written to standard output.


-T <title>

The job title given to the NetVault Backup backup or restore job.

Command line


Recurse directories.


Unattended mode — no interaction possible.

Attended mode

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