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NetVault Backup Plug-in for SAP on Oracle 11.4.5 - User Guide

Installing and removing the plug-in

Installation prerequisites

Before installing the Plug‑in for SAP on Oracle, verify that the following software is installed and configured:

NetVault Backup Server or Client software: At a minimum, the Client version of NetVault Backup software must be installed on the machine hosting the SAP Backint database. For an example of a suitable environment, see Reviewing the recommended configuration.
IMPORTANT: Upgrading from 4.x or earlier is not supported. If you have an existing installation of the plug-in and you might need to restore associated data using the previous version of the plug-in, Quest recommends that you archive the applicable machine with the existing plug-in and associated data. After you have archived the preceding components, remove the existing plug-in and install the new version. Alternatively, you can install NVBU 8.6.1 or later and the Plug‑in for SAP on Oracle 5.0 or later on a new machine, and run both machines until the earlier machine can be retired.
SAP Backint software: This database software must be installed and properly configured on the machine serving as the SAP Backint server.
Client added to the NetVault Backup Server for access: If the machine that hosts the targeted SAP Backint database is not the NetVault Backup Server, this machine must be added to the NetVault Backup Server as a NetVault Backup Client. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

Reviewing the recommended configuration

While you can set up a single machine as both the NetVault Backup Server and the SAP Backint server, that is, all software installation and configuration requirements are performed on a single machine, Quest recommends that these two entities exist on separate machines. The following table displays an ideal setup for use with the Plug‑in for SAP on Oracle, including the software and configuration requirements to establish this type of environment.

Software installed/configuration

Software installed/configuration NetVault Backup Server software

SAP Backint Server added as an NetVault Backup Client  — for details on adding a Client machine to the NetVault Backup Server, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.
Media format established: The proper tape format to accommodate NetVault Backup Clients running a different operating system (OS), if applicable.
IMPORTANT: Sample images and procedures throughout this guide assume that this two-machine environment is in place and all configuration requirements have been met.

Installing or upgrading the plug-in

Access the NetVault Configuration Wizard or Manage Clients page.
To access the NetVault Configuration Wizard page:
In the Navigation pane, click Guided Configuration.
On the NetVault Configuration Wizard page, click Install Plugins.
To access the Manage Clients page:
On the Manage Clients page, select the machine that contains the SAP Backint database, and click Manage.
On the View Client page, click the Install Plugin button ().
Click Choose Plug-in File, navigate to the location of the “.npk” installation file for the plug-in, for example on the installation CD or the directory to which the file was downloaded from the website.
Select the file entitled “bki-x-x-x-x-x.npk,” where xxxxx represents the version number and platform, and click Open.
IMPORTANT: The Plug‑in for SAP on Oracle must exist on the NetVault Backup Server, regardless of the configuration in use. Therefore, if you are using a single machine configuration, installation is complete. If you are using the recommended Client/Server configuration, repeat the installation process, this time installing the plug-in on the NetVault Backup Server.

The plug-in installation file depends the OS in use. The same installation file cannot be used for different operating systems. Therefore, if you are using the recommended configuration and the NetVault Backup Server and SAP Backint server are each running a different OS, the proper installation files must be obtained and used; that is, from the plug-in installation CD or from the Quest website.

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