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Security Explorer 9.9.2 - User Guide

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Working with Microsoft SQL Server Working with Microsoft Exchange
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Managing Favorites

You can add frequently-accessed objects to a list of favorites. Each module has a separate list of favorites in the Navigation pane. You can view all the favorites by clicking All Management Targets.

You can add an object to the Favorites list as you are browsing in a module, or, if you know what objects you want in your Favorites list, you can use Tools | Manage Favorites or Tools | Manage Computer Favorites to add them all at once.

Similarly, you can remove Favorites one at a time or in batches. Removing an object from the Favorites list does not remove the object from the system.

Computers you add as Favorites display under the Computers heading in the Navigation pane.


Adding Favorites

By using Manage Favorites or Manage Computer Favorites, you can add objects to the Favorites list regardless of the module with which the object is associated.

In the SQL Server Security module, you can add only domains, computers, and SQL Server® instances to the Favorites list.

The Add to Favorites box opens showing the selected path in the New Favorites list.
Click or select Tools | Manage Favorites. The Manage Favorites (All types) box lists the objects in the Favorites list.
To manage computers only, select Tools | Manage Computer Favorites.
Click New.
To add multiple objects while browsing, click Browse, select the objects, and click OK.
To remove a selected path from the New Favorites list, click Del.
To remove all paths from the New Favorites list, click Clear.
Click OK.
Objects display under the Favorites heading in the Navigation pane. Computers display under the Computers heading in the Navigation pane.

Exporting Favorites

If you want to copy a list of Favorites from one computer to another, you can export the Favorites list to a Favorites Export (*.xml) file that you can then import.

Click or select Tools | Manage Favorites or Tools | Manage Computer Favorites.
Click Export.

Importing Favorites

You can import a list of Favorites that has been saved to a Favorites Export (*.xml) file.

Click or select Tools | Manage Favorites or Tools | Manage Computer Favorites.
Click Import.
Click Open.
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