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On Demand Migration Current - Active Directory Release Notes

Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory Release Notes

Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory

Release Notes

August 2021

These release notes provide information about the Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory release.


About this release

This release of Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory includes the following solutions:

●    Directory Sync

    Directory Sync can set up and maintain an Active Directory sync, an Azure AD sync, or even a sync between Active Directory and Azure AD. Users in merging organizations can find each other in a unified Global Address List (GAL).

●    Active Directory

    Active Directory enables you to migrate Active Directory to accelerate your enterprise M&A and modernization initiatives. Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory is a solution that integrates and migrates Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and hybrid directory environments without requiring trusts, SQL, network connectivity, or installing servers.

●    Domain Move

    Domain Move provides the “Domain Cutover” or move functionality. This powerful feature guides the migration operator through the entire domain move process and automates many of the steps.

View the online Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory User Guide for more information:


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory.

Table 1. General enhancements


Issue ID

The DumpStack.log.tmp file has been added to the default ReACL file exclusion list.


The ability to exclude selected files from Device and File Share ReACL processing has been added.  To exclude files from ReACL processing, list the files in the "Exclude These Files From Processing" box in the Device ReACL Profile or File Share ReACL Profile.


Installing the Active Directory Agent on 32-bit workstations is now supported.


The GetList function can now be used when mapping allowing the merging of multiple values in attributes like showInAddressBook.


Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 2. General resolved issues

Resolved Issue

Issue ID

An issue where a Directory Sync profile could be created without a default password due to a user interface timeout has been resolved.


An issue where the GetCred.exe localization instructions were missing has been resolved.


An issue where Repositories settings could not be modified unless all fields were populated has been resolved.


An issue where Global Variables were not loaded when included in PowerShell scripts has been resolved.


An issue where Directory Sync cannot update users if the source accounts contain commas in the CN and are moved has been resolved.


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