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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - User Guide

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Log Reader - Analyze Transaction Logs

The Log Reader is a log analysis and data-recovery tool that reads the SQL Server transaction logs for databases to display information about changes to data and objects.

View Transactions

With the Log Reader, you can view the following transaction types:

  • Recent transactions (those held in memory since the SQL Server instance was started).
  • Full database log (includes all transactions stored in the transaction log of an active database as well as transactions held in SQL Server memory).

  • All transactions stored in the full-backup file for the database.

Group, Filer and Export Log Entries

For more information, see Export Results.

View Table History

For more information, see View Table History.

Generate DDL/DML Statements

Generate T-SQL statements to undo or redo a DML/DDL SQL statement executed on the database. You can then apply the undo or redo statement using the Undo/Redo wizard. For more information, see DML/DDL Page.

Recover Tables

Recreate a table in the database and reload data that, as recorded in the transaction log, was dropped or truncated. For more information, see Recover Tables.


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