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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Quick Start Guide

About This Guide Requirements for Installing the MessageStats Components Prerequisites for Gathering from Microsoft Exchange Planning a MessageStats Installation Appendix A: IIS Configuration Issues

Granting Access to the Microsoft Exchange System Objects container

One of the security groups to which the task credentials belong must have access to the Microsoft Exchange System Objects container in Active Directory. Use the following procedure to ensure this access. You must perform the procedure for each domain from which information is gathered.

In the View menu, ensure that Enhanced Features is selected.
Select the Security tab.
Search the Group or user names list.

Running the Exchange Databases Gathering for Exchange 2010 Without Being a Local Administrator

The Exchange 2010 Databases gathering uses WMI to gather the database volume information and requires access to the root\CIMV2 WMI namespace. To access the root\CIMV2 WMI namespace without being a member of the local Administrator group, the gathering credentials need the following permissions:

Select the Security tab and select CIMV2.
Click the Security button at the bottom.

Granting Access for Server Uptime Information Without Being a Local Administrator

To give the task credentials the ability to collect performance monitoring information without being an administrator on the Exchange 2010 server, the task credentials must be a member of the Performance Monitor Users group. You must also grant the credentials read-access permissions on specific registry keys.

Enter regedit and click OK.
Right-click on winreg and select Permissions.

About the Exchange mailbox used for connection

When you create a connection to an organization that contains either Exchange 2010 or 2013 mailbox servers, you must specify a mailbox that will be used for MAPI logon to collect mailbox and public folder information. The account that will be used to run tasks (task credentials) must have full access rights to this mailbox.

Since MAPI looks up mailboxes using the global address book, ensure that the mailbox does not have the Hide From Exchange Address Lists option selected in its properties.

Select the General tab.
Ensure that the Hide From Exchange Address Lists check box is clear and click OK.

The user account that will be used to run mailbox gathering tasks must have access to a specific mailbox. To grant permissions to the account, and to specify the mailbox to which permissions are granted, you can run the following PowerShell commands. (A PowerShell script that contains these commands can be found in the Scripts folder in the MessageStats installation directory.)

Run the commands in the Exchange 2010 management shell. Replace the mailboxName and the userName in following scripts to grant full rights to the specified user account.

Add-ADPermission -id:mailboxName -User:userName -AccessRights:extendedright
Add-MailboxPermission -id:mailboxName -User:userName -AccessRights:FullAccess

You may have to wait a few minutes or manually force an AD replication.

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