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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Quick Start Guide

About This Guide Requirements for Installing the MessageStats Components Prerequisites for Gathering from Microsoft Exchange Planning a MessageStats Installation Appendix A: IIS Configuration Issues

MessageStats Reports Security Settings

For all IIS servers that house the MessageStats Reports web server, ensure the following:

Authentication mode

If the MessageStats Database and Reports Are Installed on Same Server

On the MessageStats Reports virtual directory, ensure that Windows Authentication is selected.

If the MessageStats Database and MessageStats Reports Are Installed on Different Servers

For a distributed installation, you typically would specify SQL Server Authentication mode. Windows Authentication mode cannot handle the credential hopping that occurs in a distributed topology unless Kerberos delegation is configured.

For instructions about how to deploy a distributed installation using Windows Authentication and Kerberos, see the chapter titled Deployment Recommendations in the MessageStats Deployment Guide.


ASP.NET must be installed and set as Allowed to run.

Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages must be set as Allowed to run.

User Account

The account that accesses the web site must have local Administrator rights on the database server.

The account must also be in the MessageStats Admin local group (for read and write access) or MessageStats Web local group (for read access only).

Setting IIS Role Services for IIS

To install MessageStats Reports on Windows Server, you must install and enable IIS (Internet Information Services). The Web Server (IIS) role must be installed on Windows Server and the following IIS role services must be enabled:

Common HTTP Features

Application Development


You can install the Web Services (IIS) role using Server Manager and click Manage | Add Roles and Features or through PowerShell cmdlets.

About Permissions to Run Report Subscriptions

Report subscriptions are used to generate specific reports on a regular schedule. When you install MessageStats Reports, the local group called MessageStats Web is created with “Everyone” in its membership. Members of the MessageStats Web local group can create and run report subscriptions.

However, if an account is specified to run a subscription but it is not a member of the Administrators local group or does not have “logon locally” rights on the server on which the subscription task is scheduled to run, the task will not start.

By default, the MessageStats Web group is assigned Read/Write and Execute permissions on the %Windir%\System32\Tasks directory. If you grant the MessageStats Web group “Log on as batch job” permissions as well, accounts that are members of the MessageStats Web group, but do not have local Administrator rights on the server, can run subscription tasks.

Trust Relationships

The following trust relationships must exist:

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