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Foglight for Sybase 7.1.0 - User and Reference Guide

Using Foglight for SAP ASE
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Sybase_RS Agent Investigations

This section describes the following investigations:

Investigating Connections

The Foglight Cartridge for SAP ASE assists your investigation into replication server connections with the RS_ConnectionSummary graph view and RS_ConnectionDetail table view.

Connections can be either a route to another Replication Server, or a data server connection to an Adaptive Server managed by the monitored Replication Server. The RS_ConnectionSummary graph view gives a summary of each connection state to provide an overall view of all the connections managed by the monitored Replication Server.

The RS_ConnectionDetail table view provides more in-depth information on each of the connections that are returned to Foglight. Review the SAP ASE replication Server Administration guide for a description of each state and the procedures on how to address them.

Foglight also raises an alert to notify the Replication Server administrator when a connection is returned to Foglight.

Open this graph directly or from the RS_Internal_Overview graph view after clicking on closed connections.

Investigating Health and Availability of the Replication Server

The Sybase_RS Agent determines the health and availability of the monitored Replication Server several ways. It first attempts to open a new connection to the Replication Server each poll cycle. Once a connection has been established, it requests a confirmation that it is responding. Lastly, the agent requests the health status of the Replication Server.

Each of the steps is recorded by the Foglight agent and returned to the Foglight Management Server. Use the views below to investigate the status and health of the monitored Replication Server.

Foglight raises an alert if the health or availability of the Replication Server changes to an undesirable state.

Open the RS_State_Overview graph view to display a graphical representation of the Replication Servers health and availability.
Drill down on the Connect column to get to the RS_Availability graph view and inspect a graphical chart of the availability states of the monitored Replication Server.

Investigating Threads Down

The Foglight Cartridge for SAP ASE assists your investigation into SAP ASE Replication Server internal status. Use the RS_ThreadsDownSummary table view to get an overview of the overall state of the critical internal components of the Replication Server. The RS_ThreadsDown_Detail table view provides more detailed information on each thread that is in a down state as indicated by the monitored Replication Server.

Use the thread name and the related information to identify the component. Check the Replication Server error log (use the RS_ErrorlogDetail table view to see if there is additional debug information available. If the component in a down state is a route or connection then connect to the respective Adaptive or Replication Server to further diagnose the issue.

Foglight also raises an alert to notify the Replication Server administrator when any down thread is detected.

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