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Foglight for Sybase 7.1.0 - User and Reference Guide

Using Foglight for SAP ASE
Exploring the SAP ASE Dashboards About the Sybase_MDA Agent About the Sybase_RS Agent Generating SybaseMDA Reports

Configuring SAP ASE Login Privileges

The Sybase_MDA agent collects performance metrics using the Sybase MDA tables. This requires the SAP ASE login to have only the role mon_role assigned to it, as described above. The SAP ASE login does not need to have the role sa_role assigned to it. From Cartridge for SAP ASE version, the agent installs the Foglight for SAP ASE stored procedures during the initial activation. Therefore, if you are upgrading the Cartridge for SAP ASE, no action is required regarding the stored procedures. If you are installing the agent for the first time, you must perform the following pre-requisite procedure.

TIP: The file setup_mon_tables.sql contains all of the required parameters with sample values.
Run the rapsAdmin.sql script as the sa user.
The scripts included with the Foglight for SAP ASE can be found in the directory <FglAM_Home>/agents/SybaseCartridge/<version>/config/Sybase/scripts.
The above command creates two helper stored procedures: sp_fgl_addgrant and sp_fgl_adduser. In addition, the script drops previously installed stored procedures and previously created temporary tables.
Run the sp_fgl_adduser procedure as the sa user. For example:
The above command creates a group named foglightGroup and a user named fog123 in each database, and in the sybsystemprocs database, it grants the permission for creating procedures to that user account.
IMPORTANT: The group and user names used here (foglightGroup and fog123) are just examples, you can substitute them with more appropriate values.

The above procedure results in the new user being created (fog123 in this example) in the group foglightGroup in each database, including the model database. Having that user and group in the model database causes a creation of a temporary database using these credentials when the SAP ASE server is restarted.

Using a secondary database to store collected data

Foglight stores data collected by monitoring an ASE server in temporary tables. By default, it uses the tempdb database. It can also uses another database for that.

The following code block shows how to create a temporary database (questdb), and bind a Foglight user (fogdb) to that database.

use master



– device creation

disk init name = 'questdb_temp',

physname = '/sybvol01/sap16/data/questdb_temp.dat', size = '50M',

dsync = false



– quest temp database creation

create temporary database questdb on questdb_temp = 50



– bind the foglight user to the new tempdb

sp_tempdb bind,



Configuring the Sybase_MDA Agent for Remote Monitoring

The Sybase_MDA Agent can be configured for remote monitoring. Remote monitoring does not require a Sybase_MDA Agent instance to run on the monitoring host. The agent instance can run on another machine, provided that you point it to the monitored machine using Sybase_MDA Agent properties.

On the Sybase Open Client, use the dsedit tool to add an entry representing the monitored SAP ASE Server in the interface file.
Configure the Sybase_MDA Agent’s Sybase Home property to point to the Open Client home directory: %Sybase% (Windows) or $Sybase (Unix).
Configure the Sybase_MDA Agent’s Server Name property to point to the host name or IP address of the monitored server, as defined in dsedit.

Sybase_MDA Agent Properties

When an agent connects to the Foglight Management Server, it is provided with sets of properties that it uses to configure its correct running state.

Each agent is provided with a combination of two types of properties: agent properties and shareable properties.

Default versions of these properties are installed with the Foglight for SAP ASE. However, you can edit the default shareable and agent properties, configure agent properties that apply only to a specific agent instance, and create edited clones of shareable properties that are used by a subset of the agents of a certain type.

For more information about working with agent properties, see the Foglight Administration and Configuration Guide.

The Sybase_MDA Agent is shipped with default properties that can be modified to suit your system requirements.

Agent properties described in this section comprise:

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Agents > Agent Properties.
In the Agent Properties dashboard, in the Namespace > Type pane, select DB_Sybase > Sybase_MDA.
On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Agents > Agent Status.
Figure 47. Agent Properties
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