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Foglight for Sybase 7.1.0 - User and Reference Guide

Using Foglight for SAP ASE
Exploring the SAP ASE Dashboards About the Sybase_MDA Agent About the Sybase_RS Agent Generating SybaseMDA Reports

Investigating SAP ASE Performance

Performance is the measure of efficiency for an application or multiple applications running in the same environment.

The Foglight Cartridge for SAP ASE measures efficiency by performing the following tasks:

Open the SYBM_Overview graph view which displays an overview of the system performance of the Sybase Adaptive Server. Specifically, it shows the percentage of time the server was busy with User Requests, the percentage of time spent performing I/O requests, lock contention and cache hit rates for data and procedure caches along with user connection activity.

Investigating the User Log Cache

The Foglight Cartridge for SAP ASE assists your investigation on the proper sizing of the user log cache.

Open the SYBM_UserLogCache graph view which displays the percentage of times the user log cache was flushed because it was full.

Increasing the ULC size increases the amount of memory required for each user connection, so you do not want to configure the ULC size to suit a small percentage of large transactions.

About the Sybase_RS Agent

The Sybase_RS Agent monitors the Replication Server on the host it is deployed on. The agent collects internal performance and availability metrics by connecting to the Replication Server directly and from its related RSSD database via a connection to the respective Adaptive Server. The agent monitors Replication Server health, internal threads, partitions (space and status), connections, and exceptions. It also scans the external error log of the Replication Server looking for any default or user defined errors.

In addition, the Sybase_RS Agent also gathers availability information of the Replication Agent (RepAgent) from the primary sites (Adaptive Servers and databases) connected directly to this Replication Server as well as latency information from the Replicate Sites (Adaptive Servers and databases) controlled directly from this Replication Server.

Sybase_RS Agent Properties

When an agent connects to the Foglight Management Server, it is provided with sets of properties that it uses to configure its correct running state.

Each agent is provided with a combination of two types of properties: agent properties and shareable properties.

Default versions of these properties are installed with the Foglight for SAP ASE. However, you can edit the default shareable and agent properties, configure agent properties that apply only to a specific agent instance, and create edited clones of shareable properties that are used by a subset of the agents of a certain type.

For more information about working with agent properties, see the Foglight Administration and Configuration Guide.

The Sybase_RS Agent is shipped with default properties that can be modified to suit your system requirements.

Agent properties described in this section comprise:

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Agents > Agent Properties.
On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Agents > Agent Status.
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