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Enterprise Reporter 3.5.1 - Installation and Deployment Guide

Product Overview Installation Considerations for Enterprise Reporter Installing and Configuring Enterprise Reporter Managing Your Enterprise Reporter Deployment Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter Appendix: Database Content Wizard Appendix: Encryption Key Manager Appendix: Log Viewer

Installing and Configuring Enterprise Reporter

Installing Enterprise Reporter

Once you have determined where you will deploy Enterprise Reporter and have ensured that your computers meet the system requirements, you are ready to install the Enterprise Reporter server and consoles. During the installation process, you can choose whether to install all components on the same computer or on separate computers.

After the initial installation process is complete, you must create the Enterprise Reporter database. The Enterprise Reporter database can be created and configured automatically during the installation or can be set up later using the Enterprise Reporter Database Wizard utility.

If you have an existing Enterprise Reporter installation and are creating another database with the same version, you can transfer your Enterprise Reporter configuration information (clusters and nodes, discoveries, and reports) using the Database Content Wizard. For more information, see Appendix: Database Content Wizard .

If necessary, you can install additional consoles for other users.

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Installing the Components

There are five components that you can install:

These components can be installed as needed using a single installer.

Open the self-extracting file named Enterprise_Reporter_<version number>_x64.exe.
In the folder Quest Enterprise Reporter\en-US double-click the Enterprise_Reporter_<version number>_x64.msi file.
Click View License Agreement and scroll to review the entire license agreement.
Optionally, click Print to send a copy of the agreement to the printer.
Select I accept these terms, click OK to close the agreement, and click Next to continue the installation.
Select I do not accept these terms, click OK to close the agreement, and click Cancel to exit the installation.
Clicking Reset restores the default setting of installing all components.
Click Install.
Click Close.

For more information, see Role-Based Security in Enterprise Reporter .

Next, the Database Wizard displays automatically after you close the Enterprise Reporter server installation window. If the Quest Enterprise Reporter Database Wizard does not open automatically, you may start it manually from the Windows Start menu.

You can either create or connect a new database (see To create a new database during the installation process ) or use an existing database (see To use an existing Enterprise Reporter database during the initial installation ).

Choose Create New Database, and click Next.

For more information, see Security Groups in Enterprise Reporter .

Click Cancel to further modify the Security Group Names.
Click Finish to create the database.

For help troubleshooting errors, see Database Configuration Issues .

Select Select/Upgrade Existing Database and choose Next.
Click Cancel to further modify the Security Group Types or the Security Group Names.
Click the Start menu and select All Programs|Quest|Enterprise Reporter|Database Wizard and click Next.

Installing and Configuring Individual Components

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