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Enterprise Reporter 3.5.1 - Installation and Deployment Guide

Product Overview Installation Considerations for Enterprise Reporter Installing and Configuring Enterprise Reporter Managing Your Enterprise Reporter Deployment Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter Appendix: Database Content Wizard Appendix: Encryption Key Manager Appendix: Log Viewer

Upgrading Manually-Configured Enterprise Reporter Nodes

Nodes that were configured manually must have credentials updated manually before they can be upgraded.

To display the nodes, select Manage Discovery Clusters and click the Discovery Nodes tab.




After Upgrading Enterprise Reporter

After upgrading Enterprise Reporter, open the Configuration Manager to see an overview of What’s New and any new discovery configuration features that may need to be updated manually. Validate your current cluster, node, and discovery configurations.

Licensing Enterprise Reporter

You need either a trial or full license to use Enterprise Reporter. You must have a valid license to use the Configuration Manager; no license is required for the Report Manager. If you have questions about your license, contact your sales representative.



Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers

Enterprise Reporter for Active Directory

Enterprise Reporter for SQL Server

Enterprise Reporter for File Storage Analysis

Enterprise Reporter for Exchange

Enterprise Reporter for Microsoft 365

Enterprise Reporter Suite

Activating or Updating Your License

Activate or update your license in the Configuration Manager on the System | Information page.

Click Update License and navigate to your license file.
Click Open.
Select System | Information and click View licensing information.
Click the Information icon on the right-hand side of the Quest header and select the Licenses tab.
To view the license details of a feature, select a feature and click Details, then click OK to close the license details window.
Optionally, to update the license of a feature, select the feature, click Update License, locate the license file, select it, and click Open.
Click OK to close the About Quest Enterprise Reporter dialog box.
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