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Thank you for visiting My Product Support FAQ’s . If you do not see an answer to your question below please contact us.

Products must first be registered within your account before they will show on the My Product list. For more information on how to get started view Getting Started with My Products.

We have designed the My Account to be simple to use and maintain. Products will be automatically added to your account as you submit service requests, download software, register a product license or if you have been added to a user group. To add a product just click on the Add Product link and you can either register a product with your license number (preferred) or pick from the available items on the product drop down list. For more information on how to get started view Getting Started with My Products.

Registration of your licenses will give you access to account administration options available for each license registered. Depending on the product and your role for that license you may be able to perform licensing tasks, create user groups, view News and Alerts, view open service requests, view recent downloads and view the status of your licenses and support.

No, we currently do not allow registration for trial licenses.

You can find your license number on the purchase email you received when you ordered the product. The license number is predominantly displayed at the top. For an example of a purchase email view How to find your license number.

The Support Status column shows that status of the maintenance contract associated to a license number. For more information on support level offerings visits Support Services.

The license status column will show any available actions to take for the license. For example if maintenance for the license has expired, there will be a link to renew. If it is an AppAssure license there will be a link to the AppAssure License Portal. The license number will show in the cell if there is no action to take, but the cell can be expanded for more information. Once the cell is expanded, you will be shown all the license numbers associated to that product that have been registered and associated to your account. Each license will show the renewal date, user group and your role for that license with links to see more details where appropriate.

News and Alerts show the recent critical notifications associated to the product and the published date. Here you can select to receive these notifications by email by selecting the check box or signing up for the RSS feed for All Notifications. When there are new alerts since your last visit it will be denoted by a   icon.

Open cases will show the count of open service requests that you have created. Once the open case cell is expanded it will show details of the service request including the ID number, request title, product, status, created on date and last updated date.

The last download will show the past software downloads that have been downloaded in the last two years with the file name, the date the file was released and the date when the file was downloaded. The software version associated to your downloads and a link to check for the latest available version is also available.

A license number is a unique identifier of your instance of the product you or your organization purchased (example XXX-XXX-XXX). The license number is different from a license key. A license key is used to unlock the product while the license number identifies your newly purchased asset.