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Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.3 - User Guide

Introducing Quest UC Analytics Viewing UC Analytics insights Modifying UC Analytics insights Exporting and importing UC Analytics insights Automatically exporting and sending insights (subscriptions) Appendix A:Questions and Answers for UC Analytics insights Appendix B:List of UC Analytics insights

Modifying the layout of an insight

Most insights consist of different views of the data that is shown in graphs, charts, and tables. You can modify an insight to rearrange how the views are displayed and to change the grouping for views. When you group multiple views, they appear side-by-side in the insight. You can remove views from an insight and you can also add removed views back into an insight. You must add an insight to your home page before you can save changes.

Click More in the top right corner and select Manage layout.

Saving customized insights and renaming insights

By using options under the More menu, you can save insights to which you have applied filters, added comparison data, changed the date range, or customized tables. You can also rename existing insights.

If you apply customizations to an insight that you launched from the library, you must add the insight to your home page to save the changes. Use the Add to Home Page option in the right corner of the displayed insight.

Click More at the top right of the insight and select Save As.
Click More at the top right of the insight and select Rename.

Exporting and importing UC Analytics insights

Types of exports

In UC Analytics you have different options for exporting information:

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