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Recovery Manager for Exchange 5.8.6 - Product Overview

Features and benefits

Quest® Recovery Manager for Exchange rapidly and efficiently finds and recovers business-critical Exchange and Lotus Domino data. Organizations can reduce the cost of e-Discovery in addition to providing granular, messagelevel data recovery services.

By using Recovery Manager for Exchange, you can selectively retrieve items from online Exchange Servers, Exchange Online (Office 365), offline Exchange Server and Lotus Domino databases, and Personal Folders (.pst) files. The retrieved items can then be directly restored to a production Exchange Server or to .pst, .eml, .msg, or .txt files.

Recovery Manager for Exchange provides a search system to perform context-based searches in live Exchange Server mailboxes and public folders, mailboxes and public folders hosted in Exchange Online (Office 365), offline Exchange Server and Lotus Domino databases, and Personal Folders (.pst) files using keywords and other search criteria. Rather than retrieving all data from a server, database, or file, you can retrieve only what is needed.

Recovery Manager for Exchange entirely eliminates the need for a recovery Exchange Server, making it easier for you to gain access to an offline Exchange Server database. You can restore an Exchange Server database from backup to any folder, and then access the database to search and selectively restore the data you need.

Recovery Manager for Exchange integrates with Quest® Archive Manager®, thereby allowing you to quickly and easily restore messages from Exchange Server databases, Lotus Domino databases, and Personal Folders (.pst) files into Archive Manager.

Key features

Rapid e-discovery

Recovery Manager for Exchange helps you find and retrieve data in minutes, not hours, by enabling you to visually zero in on specific content of interest. You can retrieve items from particular online Exchange mailboxes, public folders, and Exchange Server and Lotus Domino databases, and perform fast searches based on a variety of criteria. Rather than restoring a complete mailbox, folder, or Exchange Server or Lotus Domino database, you restore only what you need.

Message-level, granular restore

When data loss affects only an individual message in a messaging system, a specialized solution is required to restore the lost data. In such a situation, Recovery Manager for Exchange restores individual messages quickly and easily, whereas Exchange native tools and third-party tools can be labor-intensive and time-consuming.

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